Friday, March 28, 2008

They Hain't No Hair On My Sheelee Dawg

Come back on Monday when my brand new website goes live with a new video show.

"Give me an R! Arrrrrrrr, Mateys!"

Conversation between myself and my four year old in a crowded women's restroom this
afternoon. I had just used the facilities and was pulling up my pants. Boo was in the stall with me:

Boo: Mommy!
Me: Boo!
Boo: Mommy! You have hair!
Me: (Shaking my head around) Yes, I do. See!
Boo: No! You have hair ON YOUR BUTT!
Me: (knowing what she meant but pretending I didn't) How unfortunate. Come on, let's go.
Boo: Mommy! Mommmy! Pull down your pants!
Me: No.. Boo. Come on, let's go.
Boo: Pull down your pants! I want to see that hair!
Me: Enough, Boo, let's goooooo.
Boo: You have such a hairy butt!!

We then walked to the sinks to wash our hands. There was a lady next to us who was trying so hard to hide her amused face.

Boo turned to the lady and said, "My mommy has such a hairy butt. Do you have a hairy butt, too?"

Well, my lovely McChickies, I don't know if I'm going to update here again until my new site is finished. I dunno. It might take a few weeks. There's so much to do. Eh, check back next week. Updating here will depend on my mood and if I'm all pissy because my new site isn't up yet. Such a diva.

Here's a vlog entry.


Harmony said...

I am laughing so hard at that conversation. Hahaha

Busy Mom said...

Krystal is singular. We know you're not from 'round these parts if you say "Krystals".

Busy Mom said...

My chili dawgs have weenies, btw. You musta been at the weenie-free Krystal?

Come to the one by my house. We have weenies.

Mutha Mae said...

Busy Mom, I am so hungry right now (diet central, bahhh) that I would eat ten of them. Weenie or no weenie. However, I do agree the weenie makes the experience the full on Krystal experience. No! I'm wrong. It's the teeny tiny burgers. Mmmmm. Did you know we have the Midwestern equivalent here called White Castle?

Busy Mom said...

We have White Castles, too.

But, there's nothing like a Krystal, and the attraction dramatically increases the later it gets into the night. Especially after a cocktail or three.

Or so I remember from my youth, anyway.

Mutha Mae said...

Oh hi Harmony, sorry! I was scrolled down too far, didn't see you there. So glad I gave you a laugh. I was half amused/half mortified when Boo was asking me to pull down my pants. Worse yet? We were at a family counseling center!!

Busy Mom- I can't eat White Castle any longer. Not just because of trying to lose weight, but because of my age! Seriously, those things will talk back to me all day and night. NEVER happened when I was young. And cute. And thin. Wahhh!

Violet the Verbose said...

OMIGOD that is hilarious. I know, unfortunate too, but the good thing about those situations is that most other women in the restroom probably would have understood. Even if it was really uncomfortable for you. hee hee hee hee hee I shouldn't laugh - I have a 4-year-old too... who knows what's going to come out of those little mouths at just the wrong time?

Donna L. Faber said...

Mae, you are very clever. I understand your need to be seen. I'm always reminding myself that one day we turn around and notice that the journey is the weenie. Which lets US off the hook on being weenies. If we weenies worry too much about getting the big weiner, we may notice that it's right there in front of us the whole time.

Eh? Everybody's weenie is a little different, yes?

Mutha Mae said...

Violet, I knew the day was coming when Boo would say something like that, I just hoped it wouldn't be in a crowded restroom at family therapy, hah!!

Donna L Faber I need to dip your comment in some beer mustard and eat it up. So true. The journey is the weenie. I had this thought last night that I better enjoy the journey because it's never going to be this free again. My show. My rules. My timetable. Hmm hopefully my inner voice knows something I don't!

Ashley said...

Too funny!! I need to get caught up on your blog. We've been soaking up the felt great. A new site?? Can't wait!

Louanne said...

MUTHA!! We are back from China and the jet lag is "allowing" me to catch up on blogs. I will check out all the vblogs this week and can't wait for the new site.

So sorry about the puke fest too. Yuck! I hope your family is all back to normal.

Julie said...

haha I know my days are coming as for now tyler still talks toddler so sometimes i am the translator--- 'what's that?" "you want to MARRY my butt?" "I have a HAIRY MUTT?" yeah uh that's what he said....erm.