Monday, March 24, 2008

WTYM The Show. Part 2 Magnet School Lotto

Alright, alright, alright already! Here's a new episode of my show. There was a glitch, the ending got screwed up and I had to re-shoot and re-cut the ending tonight. BUt that's ok! This one is much better. GOod combination of the vlog with the show, what do you think? Agree agree? Watch it again, why not? You can never have too much Mutha. Shhh don't reply to that.

If you're new, go to my YouTube page and watch the Nixon Birthday party my friend threw for her Nixon obsessed for year old. Do it first, then come back here and watch this one. I'm so bossy and we've just met! Damn! It's the best show yet. Oh, but the one posted below is good. It's just not Nixon birthday party good. Ya know? Yeah you do.

Ok ok ok. So the new intro...
When Miss Boo was a baby, I'd take time each month to record her voice with my home studio equipment. It's such the geeky voice over talent thing to do, but I'm so glad I did. I have an audio progression of her verbal skills as they developed.

Boo as a baby

The first recording took place when she turned 12 months old. I put her on my lap, moved the microphone over to us and asked, "Whose show is this?"

To my surprise, she answered, "Mama!"

I was thinking about that today when a light bulb broke itself over my head. Hello stupid! Whose show IS this? Mama's show!

I suddenly had the perfect audio sample to edit into my show opening.

Word To Your Mutha The Show. Show #10. Part 2 of Magnet School Lottery Update. About 6 minutes long.


Eve said...

Cute new intro!!

We have 2 friends going through the SAME lotto process, and they didn't luck out either.

One is taking a MAJOR hit on their house and just moving. Love the city and despise the county, but can't deal with it anymore. It's a shame...

Donna L. Faber said...

I loved the intro ... the baby's voice is perfect! You're so talented, Mae!

Mutha Mae said...

Thank you!! I really appreciate you saying that!!

Eve, we will not give up. We will make it into a magnet eventually, dammit WE WILL WE WILL!!