Saturday, March 1, 2008

Questions for you

I am going to be putting together the final two shows that I've had shot and ready to edit for months now. Not the final shows ever of Word To Your Mutha. That would be a freakin dream come true because that would mean someone actually wants to pay me to make my shows elsewhere. Or here. I'm ok with that, too. Scuse me a second... Follow your bliss and the rest will fall into place. Follow your bliss and the rest will fall into place. Ok! All better now.

One of those shows is about mommy bloggers.

May I get some information from you to help me form my script? It would be oh so helpful and I would love you forever.

Please answer in the comments or via email at wordtoyourmuthatheshow (@) yahoo (dot) com

1. Why do read the mommy or parenting blogs of people you don't know?

2. What makes you bookmark that blog and keeps you coming back for more?

3. If you have a mommy or parenting blog, why do you share your story with the public?

Thank you. You are a kind and generous person and your butt looks tiny in those pants.


Jamie said...

1. I love reading mommy bloggers in the St. Louis area. It's just great to see other mothers having the same ups and downs that I go through...and being a SAHM can be isolating. This sort of helps me feel connected to others if that makes sense.

2. Good writing is typically the reason I'll keep coming back for more. And entertainment and cute baby pictures, of course.

3. I have a blog for a few reasons....documenting my life, having a venting outlet, to get my writing bug out, and to communicate.

tut-tut said...

1. looking for the universal in the specifics.

2. ditto with jamie. Also, I find it very enlightening to read blogs, especially those written by people living in other parts of the world/US.

3. hmm. It allows me to have a sense of community, or penpal-dom, that I would not have otherwise. I find it less of an outlet for writing than for just putting out this and that.

OmegaMom said...

1. It's interesting. I like reading different viewpoints, or new viewpoints on something I haven't thought about.

2. Humor. Good writing. Good story-telling (different than just good writing). A twist (sometimes).

3. I do it because I can. Because it's there. Because it's my version of the Victorian journal. Because my "public" is about 100 people strong, so it's more like a coffee klatsch than "The Public". I also blog because I like to write, and a blog is a low-maintenance way to keep my writing discipline going.

Mutha Mae said...

I'm seeing a pattern here.

Thank you, keep em coming!

Really good info for my script.

Sharon said...

1. I don't have children, but probably will within a few years via adoption or fostering. I want to know what may be in store for me.

2. Good writing, a great sense of humor, and frequent posting.

3. I've tried having one, but don't have the discipline to keep it up on a regular enough basis to make it worthwhile. Plus, I'm much funnier in my head than when I write it down.

Ashley said...

1. I enjoy reading mommy blogs, because I love to peak inside the world of other mommies. I love read about daily life with kiddos, and see the things we all have in common. Also, as a waiting mom, I following families going to China.

2. Witty writting, sense of humor, fun stories, deep thoughts, and pictures.

3. I just recently started blogging. I so enjoyed reading other people's blogs, I figured I'd give it a try. It is a fun, creative way to put my thoughts "out there". One of my favorite parts is reading the comments.

Ashley said...

geez, sorry for all my typos! See what happens when I'm trying to listen to my hubby while I type! Maybe my kitchen isn't the best place for my "home-office"!

Mutha Mae said...

No worries, Ashley. I didn't even notice the typos.

I think I've been struck with a stomach virus. I had more to say but it's feeling fine one minute, wanting to curl up and die the next. Weird weird weird one.

Anonymous said...

1. Because I think when we become parents, we initially become isolated. Those mommy blogs tackle some of the same issues I'm dealing with, and it makes me feel a little less alone.

2. The ability to be self deprecating and to be honest. I'm not a fan of the mommies who think they're doing everything the right way, who come across as self satisfied and a little smug. The truth is that for at least the first handful of years, we're just muddling through and learning as we go. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

3. I don't have a mommy blog - I spend the only free time I have working on other things or reading.

Dee said...

1. I read other mommy bloggers because I like to get confirmation that I'm not alone in some of the things that I go through...initially, in pregnancy, and now in child-rearing. It reminds me that I'm not the only one experiencing this and well, hey, I'm kind of nosy like that and like to peek inside the lives of others.

2. I will bookmark a blog that I find particularly amusing, or if I/my kids/family have things in common with the blogger/blogger's family, and there are also those who I like to follow the story of--I may be rooting for them (to get pregnant, to get healthy, to find a better job/man/etc., you get my drift, I'm sure).

3. I have been blogging since June 2004, and at the time I started, it was all about the infertility (come for the infertility, stay for the pregnancy/birth/childing) and I so desperately needed the support and love I found in the online blogging community. It saw me through hell and back. Nowadays, I blog because I need a place to share, something that's just my own, where I can totally just be myself.

Eve said...

1) I can't stand the everything-is-rainbows-and-puppies-and-butterflies-mom blogs. SImply, they aren't reality. THat being said... I am drawn to the more honest blogs. To make me feel more sane and "normal", when I see they ALSO struggle with light and darkness of Motherhood/marriage/Life.

2. When they mix it up... you don't know what you are going to get next. They are honest. Their writing is down to earth and readable. They aren't scared.

3. I wouldn't call mine a "mommy blog"... but it's creative expression and an avenue for honest living in an odd sense. There is somehting incredibly liberating about releasing the skeltetons from the closet to give someone else a peek. Even if it's just on a little url in cyberspace...

Mutha Mae said...

Thank you thank you! More comments from me when I recover.

Raquita said...

1. Why do read the mommy or parenting blogs of people you don't know?
Its hard to find people in real like who you avhe things in common with. A moms life is busy, and typically while I am in the middle of juggling everything I do I don't have time to figure out the right small talk to have wit the other moms I see at my kids function to figure out if we could be friends or not, and I don't have time to maintain the real world friendships I already have. so Blogging gives me the chance to get to know people and mainttain contact as much or as little as my life allows with out offending people and with out missing out on people I would not necessarily have tried to be friends with if I had to do it the old fashioned way.

2. What makes you bookmark that blog and keeps you coming back for more?
the sound of the persons blog, recomendation from another person who I read, and location. I typically bookmark most of hte black bloggers I come across, and all of the st louis bloggers.

3. If you have a mommy or parenting blog, why do you share your story with the public.. I started my blog becuase I was a poet who was not performing regularly and needed a creative outlet, I started my parenting blog cause I became a parent and it was a good way for my family to keep up with us.

The Princess's Mommy said...

1. Why do read the mommy or parenting blogs of people you don't know?
I love reading blogs of other adopting families. I'm addicted to those that are traveling to pick up their children. I like to see what their experiences are and how they handle any obstacles that come up. Plus, I love looking at those adorable babies!

2. What makes you bookmark that blog and keeps you coming back for more?
Good writing, upbeat attitude, great pictures, honest feelings. I like feeling like I know the person writing and getting an inside peek at their world. Maybe I'm just nosy...

3. If you have a mommy or parenting blog, why do you share your story with the public.
I started our blog as a way for family and friends to keep up with our adoption. Now that we are home, I continue to blog as a sort of diary of Lily Mei's life at home and a way to share her pictures and stories with people who don't get to see her on a regular basis. Plus, I've made some really good friends in the blogger world.