Sunday, January 13, 2008

Episode 8- Magnet Schools

The Nixon birthday party for Boo's four year old friend? A SCREAM! So much so, that I had to turn it into an episode for my show. Look for "Unusual Birthday Party Themes" coming up in a few weeks. You'll get to see how my friend Michelle pulled off a Nixon themed birthday party for a four year old. All the decor, the food, and the take home gifts. Just wait until you see those! And you will! Soon.

I didn't go to the party to turn it into a show! It wasn't until I was walked into the house and was just hysterical over the decorations that I realized it was too good to pass up. Luckily I had my video camera with me, and Michelle didn't mind getting on camera. After getting footage of the kids banging away on the Nixon pinata, I snuck downstairs to videotape myself on camera, talking about the party. It was totally unscripted, spur of the moment video magic. I cannot wait to get to work on that show.

I also have two more episodes ready to be edited. Those are coming soon as well.

Can you tell how psyched I am to be doing this again?

What are you doing right now? Have a few minutes to spare?

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As always, thanks for your support!


tut-tut said...

Great! As I've said, you are ahead of the curve . . . keep going forward with this. Very prescient topic, too, as it opens up avenues for other shows (what does it mean to be labeled as gifted? what if your child isn't? etc. etc.) Plus location shows.

Louanne said...

Good stuff. As always you did a great job!

Mutha Mae said...

Thank you both!

gnomic said...

I graduated from the Academy of Fun and Games, er, Academy of Math and Science in St. Louis. (The original one, not the new one) Class of '82. It was a dumping ground for bad teachers. Seriously, I was assaulted by the teacher for dropping a Physics class my first week. One math teacher relied on me to teach trig because she didn't understand it. And the guidance counselor didn't send in my scholarship paperwork and I lost a 2 year full scholarship to UMC, resulting in a 10 year delay in me completing my degree.

There were a few good teachers there, but more sucked than not.

Just make sure to check out the teachers - don't just rely on the name or what you have heard - or the 1 hour tour.

Anonymous said...


Your videos are a lot of fun! I heard about Michelle's Nixon party and thought the whole thing was a hoot too; I look forward to seeing video from it. I'll definitely check back often to see what else you've come up with too.

And I wish you well on the auditions! :-)

jaenshaesmom said...

I loved this episode. Do you have any info on children wanting to get into the magnet schools that are not entering on the preschool or kindergarten levels?

Holly said...

I CAN'T WAIT to see the Nixon party video!