Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boo's first sleepover

You remember Britney from the charity birthday party show? WHAT? You haven't watched a single episode of my show? Don't you know I'm the next big mommy superstah? Inside my head? Where offers to work on TV come pouring in on a daily basis! Ahhh it's so nice inside my head.

Britney's daughter Hannah is Boo's best friend. Well today I was interviewing Britney (AGAIN, ARRRGG says Britney) for an upcoming show. Yes, I am repeating show guests. Because! I have no other options here, people. I'm a middle aged Midwestern housewife who has a video show on the internet. Of course my friends have to keep re-appearing on my shows. Who else is going to be on them?

We were in the middle of the interview when her toddler Eli began to struggle to breathe. Britney called the DR and was told to head to the ER. And I raced after her saying, "But my show! You didn't finish your interview! What about my show!!!"

Yeah, that happened in my head, too. It's a bit wacky in there.

They brought Hannah to our place. Hannah was totally freaked out, and not sure of spending the night away from her family. Matt and I tried to make it fun for her, and soon the girls were doing their Mulan kicks while wearing princess dresses and causing their usual mayhem. Oh but first Matt and I had to do Mulan kicks to get the party started. Matt and I did Mulan kicks. That alone should be an upcoming episode.

Boo and Hannah were about to watch a movie when Hannah turned to her and said, "Did you see Oprah last week? She had on a tapeworm and a ringworm! It came out of someone's butt! It was in their poop! Isn't that cool?"

Boo waved her hand dismissively in the air and replied, "I don't watch Oprah."

Then later at bedtime Hannah handed "Mr. Matt" her book and said, "My book first, cuz I'm the guest!"

Boo rolled her eyes, sighed, and said, "Yes, Hannah, we know, we KNOW!"

Hannah's reply? "Oh my goodness, for heaven's sake!"

Update- Hannah's brother has a nasty virus. Britney being Britney - even when the DR said it wasn't RSV, she still asked Eli to be tested because of his exposure to Avalon and the preemie risk of RSV complications up until age 2. The doctor agreed, Eli was negative, and I am thankful for a friend who was so thoughtful. After all she has done to help us in our numerous emergencies, it was so nice to return the favor and help her this time!

But let me tell you something. After having two four year olds and two one year olds in the house- I am tired. Wow, I am tired!


J said...

Two four year-olds and two one year-olds? You deserve a medal.

gnomic said...


It doesn't matter if a production company pick your show up or not - you are great. Quit looking for them to validate you!!! Just set up your own site and go to town!