Wednesday, January 16, 2008

boo has homework

More homework for Boo. More hilarity for our family.

Tonight's assignment? A page filled with lower case t's and upper case T's. Trace the T's. Then color the lower case t's green and the upper case T's orange. It would eventually reveal a circus t-t-Tent.

Here's how it went.

Me: Boo... what did you do to that T?
Boo: I gave him an extra leg.
Me: I see that. Why?
Boo: See! So I could give him roller skates!
Me: That's very creative, but the teacher wants you to trace the T, not give him accessories.
Boo: I want to make fancy T's.
Me: Yes, but in this assignment, they want you to just trace the T.
Boo: I know how to make Ts. I want to make them fancy.
Me: Ok... I understand that... but what are you doing to that T?
Boo: He's waving! Hello! Hello!
(Matt walks into the room)
Matt: Want me to take over?
Me: Please.
Matt: She's just using creative license.
Me: Have I ever told you my creative license story?
(Matt shakes his head no.)
Me: When I was young, I asked my mom to explain e.e. cummings and his lack of capitalization. She said he was taking creative license. I was really bummed out because I thought it was like a driver's license and you had to be a certain age to get one. By the time I could get a creative license, I'd be out of school and no longer need one. With a creative license, I wouldn't have to follow the rules in English class. I could just write without thinking.
Matt: You have to know the rules before you can break them.
Me: That's why you're going to be Homework Guy. I like the roller skating T much better.


Holly said...

very funny. maybe Matt will be the perfect homework guy! LOL!
And miss boo is really too funny. You are going to have so many wonderful moments with this kid!

Karaoke Diva said...

LOL! Miss Boo - the ever more creative!