Monday, November 5, 2007

Refreshingly Clean!

I have recently discovered Orbit gum. As with everything in my life, I'm a bit late to the party. That stuff is awesome. You can chew and chew and chew and never run out of flavor.

The reason this is so important to me is that when I get into the car, I instantly pop a mint or gum. I honestly cannot drive unless I do this. It's always the first leg of my journey, from garage to destination. I cannot concentrate on the road unless I have minty fresh breath. Hence, the excitement over a stick of gum. I can reach my destination and still have a mouth full of minty refreshment.

We bought the variety pack at Costco. I had popped the bubble gum flavor after lunch today. It was either gum or dive into Boo's Halloween candy. I popped two pieces so I could blow bubbles for the babies.

I put Junie on my lap and blew the first bubble. She stared in amazement, then reached her finger forward ever to tentatively to pop the bubble. We repeated those actions four or five times, bringing squeals of delight each time.

Then on bubble #6, I got a bit carried away with the amount of breath I pushed into the bubble. Instead of producing a bubble, I sent the wad straight into Juna's face.

The squeals of delight turned into shrieks of anguish. Juna freaked out. Both of us reaching for her face to remove the wad of gum. Both of us clonking into each other and missing the gum. Her thrashing about and wailing, "GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE!"

I popped the gum back into my mouth. A trip onto my baby's face did not diminish the flavor. Juna wriggled out of my lap and onto the floor. I decided to try another bubble, hoping to change her mood. Nope. The sight of the bubble made her scream and run into the other room while repeating, "GONE GONE GONE GONE GONE!"

20 years from now, Juna will be in therapy trying to get to the bottom of why the smell of bubble gum gives her the heebie jeebies.


Skywind said...

LMAO over here... and my husband too... :)

Pat said...

Only you could make this a wonderful experience for the rest of us Mae. Poor June Bug.

Louanne said...

ROFL!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!