Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Ham has a name

Miss Boo discovered the joy of drawing late in life. While her peers began drawing and coloring at about two years old, Boo only became interested last month and she's about to turn four. The frustration I had with trying to get her interested in coloring has been replaced with the joy of teaching her to draw her favorite objects. Like flowers, butterflies, and Captain Toilet.

From what I have gathered from the drawings, Captain Toilet has a toilet seat for a head and wears a long cape. Mrs. Toilet has the same head, but wears a dress. She has long eyelashes and 20 fingers on each hand. Then there's the baby toilets. They are round and expressionless.

Today Boo drew the Toilet family and added a small round-ish object with a long tail next to the baby toilets. I asked what it was. She replied, "Duh Mom, the baby toilets unraveled the toilet paper!!"

Once she tired of Captain Toilet, I showed her how to make a Christmas tree. Triangle tree. Square trunk. Round ornaments. And a round tree topper. She's not quite ready for stars.

Boo drew a series of trees in various colors, loaded with ornaments and lights. The trees appeared to be topped with long hair. I asked her what that was about. Her reply? "Christmas trees are covered in fur, Mommy." I asked if she meant fir, instead of fur? "No, they're covered in fur. That's how they stay warm outside."

Boo paused while drawing a hot pink fuzzy Christmas tree:

Boo: Mom, his name is Edward.

Me: Huh?

Boo: The boy who plays ham. His name is Edward.

Me: Oh! Mystery solved!

Boo: It's ED-ward. Not Egg-ward.

Me: You were calling him Eggward, weren't you?

Boo: Yeah....but he's ham.

Then Boo put down the colors and began running back and forth across the room, picking imaginary flowers and singing this song:

What kind of flower can you be?
What kind of flower can you be?
If you want to be a flower you can be!
Flower, flower, flower flower!
If you want to be a flower, you can be!
You can be a daisy or a rose.
If you want to be a flower you can be!
You can be seaweed.
That's not my favorite flower.
That's not a flower.
What kind of flower can you be?
If you want to be a flower, you can be.
If you want to be a flower you can be!

What is that kid going to be when she grows up? I'm hoping that imagination of hers makes her very very very rich.


Steph said...

I absolutely LOVE your stories about Boo! She is one smart cookie! The toilet paper bit made me giggle. Im glad Ham has a name.

madeinchina said...

That's a kick ass song.