Sunday, November 18, 2007

Liver Tea

This weekend we took All My Children to Starbucks. Mommy Brain made me space out on the two kid-friendly coffee houses in our "zone."

I forget what I was saying to Matt when we approached Starbucks, but it ended with, " such a pain in the butt."

Three year old Boo said from the back of the car, "Butt! You said butt! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Then Boo sighed happily and said with much enthusiasm, "Butt is such a great word!"

We walked into Starbucks with Boo saying, "I love the word butt."

While the fire in the fireplace was so delightful, the other patrons were not there to listen to three kids squealing, and barking, yes barking, and shouting, "Butt is a great word!" We quickly made our exit.

Boo is finally going to perform that soup song at school during the Thanksgiving play. Not a moment too soon. What an ear worm, that song. I often find myself going about my day while singing, "You've heard of chicken soup and turkey soup and chowder made with claaaaams.... "

The older kids are singing a song about America. Boo began singing the song at dinner.

Boo: (singing) America! America! With liver-tea from sea to sea!
Me: Liver tea? I'd love a cup!
Matt: Sounds tasty.
Me: What is liberty, Boo?
Boo: Liver-tea is a big castle in America.
Matt: Technically, America was founded after the time of castles.
Boo: Liver- tea is a mountain with a castle covered in ice cubes.
Matt: Sounds like Superman's fortress.
Boo: Who's Soup Man?
Me: Soup Man drinks liver- tea
Matt: No soup for you!

Know what goes great with liver-tea?

My show.

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Steph said...

I love her. Truly. Soup Man and Liver-tea! Heehee.

Mutha said...

Kids come up with the best stuff! I am so glad I always have a notebook handy to write this stuff down right after it happens. I would hate to forget such a silly conversation.

Tiffany said...

If you only knew how much I needed this laugh and your kind words. You may have saved me from laying my head down on my desk ad giving up on work this week. You are just what the Dr ordered, THANK YOU!!