Sunday, November 18, 2007

Juna milestone

She dances to the sound of the garbage disposal.

She squeals with delight when I open the freezer and carries frozen dinners around in her little hands while saying, "Brrrrr."

She tries to do somersaults when her big sister does them.

She kicks a soccer ball back and forth across the room.

She twirls around like a ballerina when she hears classical music.

When I say, "love," she will find her baby sister and hug her, then grin and giggle.

When her baby sister wakes up, she will run screaming with delight into the nursery to see her.

She is both terrified and fascinated with her big sister, and will copy her every move, including coloring with crayons.

She is now completely weaned and it took three weeks, even tho her baby sister still gets bottles. She is so proud to get a sippie cup and carries it everywhere she goes.

She understands most everything we say to her but can only say, "All gone."

She has been with us for 5 months and is now 13 months old.

Oh Juna. You're starting to look like a toddler. I love watching you grow, but am also sad that my little baby is becoming a such a big girl.


tut-tut said...

oh, you have a little darling there!

Steph said...

She is so beautiful! YAY for her milestones.

Tiffany said...

What a babe!

Mutha said...

Thank you. I cannot believe she's almost in 18 month sweaters. She wears a size 12 month pants, but is getting a bit of a belly! So nice to see after how thin she was when we met her. She wasn't scary skinny, just underweight.

Jennebug86 said...

She's absolutely perfect! Momma's good cooking is obviously paying off. She sounds like a charmer for sure. :)

Jenn NMD

Holly said...

She is just gorgeous!
And becoming a little girl. How amazing!

Louanne said...

She's so cute! I love the dance to the garbage disposal.

Anonymous said...

Your girls are all gorgeous! And I love your show - you are so fun!
The other Miss Kitty