Thursday, November 15, 2007

All gone!

I've told you before how my 12 month old only is quite fond of, "All gone."

All gone means she's leaving the room.
All gone means she's back in the room again.
All gone means she dropped a toy.
All gone means her food is all gone.
All gone means let go of me now!
All gone means get away from me, Big Sister, you're pissing me off!

This particular all gone moment happened after a lunch of cottage cheese and applesauce. She was happily telling me her lunch was all gone, so I grabbed the video camera to finally get an all gone on tape. The oh boy at the end is me recognizing I had a bit of a mess to clean off her tray.

Aaaand then I made a mom of two babies rookie mistake. I turned away to clean up the less messy baby first. Av is a pretty clean eater, while Juna just goes for it, full force. I turned back and discovered this. The vid camera was handy, so I couldn't resist.

It took a long time to all gone that mess, let me tell ya.


Steph said...

She is TOO CUTE!! :)

Mutha said...

THanks, Steph. I'm awfully fond of her!

Here is a shout out to my Castle Rock reader. I lived there, too! Oh how I miss going to the Rec Center. Oh how I miss longing for a home in Castle Pines. Maybe someday I can get back there again. I heard it has grown!

Anonymous said...

That smile at the end of the second video is just precious!

Anonymous said...

Adorable babe! Congratulations on your increased stats. You deserve it. The world deserves to see you.

Jenn - NMD :o) said...

Oh I love it! She's adorable even covered in lunch. That grin at the end...she knew exactly what she was doing. I'm willing to bet she loves bathtime!

BTDT with orange jello and vanilla pudding. It's fun.

bb said...

Wow...that is the cutest thing I have seen. Ever. Awwww.... you and Juna made my week. Thank-you for sharing the cuteness!!!