Sunday, October 21, 2007

TWO shows!- Oops, scratch that...

This weekend I told three year old Miss Boo that I was exhausted. I needed to wave the white flag. Surrender.

She handed me a diaper and said, "Here, wave this!"

And I did. On the floor of the TV room, staring at the ceiling and waving a Huggies Supreme Care in the air.

I am one tired Mutha.

Me: Matt, I don't stop do I?
Matt: Nope.
Me: Seriously, I never just stop. And do nothing.
Matt: Nope.
Me: I'm always on the go. Why am I always on the go? I'm tired. I want to stop for a moment.
Matt: You won't
Me: I will. I need to. I have to. I have to stop and just- sit. Just sit. Stare at the wall.
Matt: Mmmm hmmm.
Me: Problem is that I'll think of a new show idea and be off and running again.
Matt: Yep.

Two new episodes have been posted on Word To Your Mutha- The Show.

Oops. Blogger is being bitchy. The Grant's Farm show has a still image of that famous Oreo Cookie Cow. Blogger says NO to the Oreo Cookie Cow. The video loads to the cow, then jumps ahead, making the sound not synch up with the other video images. Blogger, why you wanna bring an Oreo Cookie Cow down? No love for the Oreo Cow.

Today I shoot yet another episode. The opportunity presented itself, and I've gotta jump while I can. Don't be thinking that you'll get a new show (or two!) each week. I'm loading up before taking time off in November. Something is forcing me to to take down time. Stupid ovarian cyst that won't go away... grr.... He's inside the ovary, threatening to blow it into tiny ovarian pieces. Time to go, Senor Cystie.

I'm not so nervous about the procedure. I'm more worried about ending up with a roommate at the hospital. It's going to be my first down time in.... oh my. Since before I gave birth to Av? This time last year? Wow. I want to spend my night in the hospital high on painkillers and watching really bad reality TV shows. Which is the only way those things are watchable. I want to get up to go to the bathroom with my boom de yay hanging out of the back of my hospital gown. I don't want to worry about a stupid roommate. There's not enough legal drugs in the world to anesthetize that horror. I only like to share sleeping space with those I am legally obligated to share sleeping space with.

Go watch the new show. In a few days I'll come back and tell you how Junie almost died at her birthday party this weekend. She didn't. She's fine! But it was something I don't want to go through evah again, thankyouverymuch.

Still here? GO! Go watch the shows already, sheesh!


Steph said...

Im sorry the cow didnt wanna load.. silly blogger!

I hope your surgery goes smoothly and you are solo in your room.

tubelessstl said...

glad avie is ok. What happened?

great new episode, still laughing.

keep us posted on the cyst saga. Ugh. I feel your pain.

Katie said...

Oh man. Are they doing a lap/laser deal - or actually using a knife? On the slightly positive side - THANK GOD THAT SUCKER HAS NOT BURST YET. Anything is a better alt. Are you in pain?


Anonymous said...

You're killing me with the 'boom de yay hanging out'... summarizes ALL my hospital experiences quite succinctly. I'll go watch your show AFTER I add all your blogs to Google Reader... yes, I'm finally doing it!

(Oh, and I SO know about 'can't stop'.)