Monday, October 22, 2007

The Oreo Cookie Cow Is Victorious Over Blogger!

Problem fixed. Another episode of WTYM- The Show is up on the show blog. Check it out. Please? I'm only getting 8 viewers a day. Maybe you can help me reach 10! Oooh ahhh.

Someone asked how I am doing this with all three kids. There's no way I'd let a hobby get in the way of caring for my children. That's why I create each episode around them. Like yesterday's shoot. Matt, Boo, and I needed dental appointments. Our amazing family dentist agreed to see all of us on the same day AND help me create a show about a child's first dental appointment. He was able to stack our appointments so there was time to interview him and not disturb his work, so that either Matt or myself was always with Miss Boo, and for me to be able to comfort Boo during her first dental exam. THAT is how I do this with three kids. Oh, that and having my mother stay with the babies while we were out. I'm not so far gone that I'd bring the babies to a dental appointment.

Off you go. Be one of the TEN people today to check out the next episode.

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Steph said...

You are still AMAZING, no matter how you do it! I went to see the episode and there was no sound :(