Saturday, October 27, 2007

Here Kitty Kitty

My husband was leaving post it notes all over his desk and promptly losing those post it notes all over the floor. The post its were then carried to various parts of the house by the babies.

To remedy the situation, my husband re-built his desk, lining the top with white board. He could now write himself notes all over his desk with dry erase markers.

This sounds like a great idea. And for someone who doesn't have three cats, it IS a great idea. Zappa Cat, in particular. Zappa likes to jump onto the desk and sit his orange furry butt all over Matt's notes. Then Zappa will sprawl out his body and nap on Matt's shopping lists.

Matt: What do you think uy lk means?
Me: What are we low on?
Matt: Milk. Oh buy Milk.

Another member of the family who loves the dry erase board desk is three year old Boo. She will sit at his desk and spend hours drawling Mulan. Yesterday I noticed Boo had written "and" and "the" then drew a picture of a house. It resembled what can be found in her little reader books. Example: This is my (picture of a truck) and my (picture of a doll.)

Boo had written "And the" next to a house with two women floating inside the house and a dark cloud over the house. She told me, "This is me and Mulan and we're ghosts. There's a lightning storm outside and Mulan is protecting me."

"Boo, this is really good! Can you write more words and draw more pictures for me?"

"Mommy, I already did that the other day but Zappa got up here and erased everything."

I will have to pay closer attention to my daughter's dry erase artwork. I really don't want to chase around the cat while yelling, "Come here! I need to read your butt!"


Kevin said...

That is awesome she is writing! Gavin shows no interest in that at all.

Mutha said...

We bought her a dry erase easel a few years ago. She had no interest them. Got it out again this weekend. She spent the entire weekend drawing and writing words. Or I would write words and ask her to read them. She got many of them correct. The ones she didn't understand, I taught her to sound out. She's starting to catch on to reading, which is so exciting. I am still positive she will know how to read by the summer.

Anonymous said...

Of course your child is a genius. Look at her mom and dad ;)