Friday, October 26, 2007

No Soup For You!

Conversation with the three year old Miss Boo about the song she is singing for the school play.

Boo: (sings) You've heard of chicken soup, and turkey soup, and barley and potato!!

Me: (interrupting) Yuck. I don't like any of those soups.

Boo: (annoyed) Noodle soup with carrots, minestrone and potato.

Me: More yuck! Those soups are gross.

Boo: Mom. I'm singing. You've heard of alphabet soup, and wonton soup and chowder made with clams...

Me: Oh yeah! Clam chowder. Now there's a soup.

Boo: (through gritted teeth) Rice soup with chicken and split pea soup made with ham. I still don't know the name of the boy who is ham.

Me: PEA SOUP? Why don't I just throw up right here. There's nothing worse than pea soup.

Boo: Are there any soups you DO like?

Me: Cheesy beer soup.

Boo: That's all?

Me: Yep. Clam Chowder and Cheesy Beer Soup. Those other soups are gross.

Boo: Mom, get over it.


Steph said...

She is AMAZING! I love her.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much dying of laughter right now. Oh Boo.

Dianna said...

That's the best song! Boo's a laugh. You do realise I had to google cheesy beer soup though? I have to admit, it doesn't sound so great but it may be something I have to try!

Holly said...

She is really something. Too funny.