Thursday, October 25, 2007

They Slimed Me

I once saw this makeover show where the husband was pissy because his stay at home wife who recently had a baby wore sweats and had her hair in a ponytail and in his words, "Didn't look very sexy."

The makeover team swarmed in and dressed the mom head to toe in designer wear. Short and sexy black cocktail dress with heels. Gave her a haircut that would take hours to re-create each morning. The husband was thrilled. Said she never looked better. The host of the show kept asking if she'd keep her look. The mom meekly said that since it made her husband happy, she sure would try.

Girl, please.

I was reminded of that episode yesterday. Yesterday, the second worse day I have had with the babies since coming home from China. The worst day being the first day home from China. Severe jet lag and three freaked out children, fun fun. But yesterday? The babies and I were sick. I had a fever and pounding headache. The babies were literally dripping with snot. I'd move in to wipe a nose oozing with thick green mucus, and one baby would zig while the other would zag- both right into me. No need for Kleenex when Mom's wearing such absorbent clothing. Hence, thinking about that makeover show. There's a reason the stay at home mom uniform involves wash and wear comfortable clothing.

There was no escaping the snot. It was eight hours of having two miserable screaming me-me's attached to me. I couldn't get up and walk to the bathroom without the two of them throwing themselves to the ground and wailing. Or one diving for my leg and coating it with snot and tears. I spent my day on the floor, cradling two unhappy babies, being coated with goo, and wishing I could just crawl into bed and sleep my fever away.

Welcome to motherhood!

Today was better. Today the girls bathed me in cuteness instead of mucus. It's amazing how the two of them act like actual twins. One will be completely lost when the other isn't in the room. When Avie sleeps, Juna will call out for her and start roaming the house. Today the little stinker got away from me and into the nursery while Av was sleeping. Stuck her hand through the crib bars and smacked her sister in the head while shouting, "GONE GONE GONE!"

If they wake up at the same time, I will put Juna in Avalon's crib. They will stand up, hang onto the crib bars, and dance. Avalon thrashes up and down and really throws herself into dancing. Juna bobs up and down, pauses, stomps her foot, pauses again, bobs, repeats. Throw Boo into the mix and Boo will bow her head, flap her arms like a chicken, and shake her bootie. The way my children dance completely sums up their personalities.

The second I whip out the camera, my babies will stop the dancing and become fascinated with the camera. I managed to get this much. It will at least show you a bit of the babies.

I'm shooting the Halloween episode of Word To Your Mutha The Show this weekend. Click that link and it will take you to You Tube where I've had 68 people visit! Hey, that's better than the 8 I had the other day! The Halloween show should be up on Monday. That is, if I don't sneeze and blow the camera out the window. The snot portion of my illness has begun. I should rub my nose all over the babies, see how they like it. Little snot goblins...

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Steph said...

They are so cute! Im sorry they were sick, but glad theyre feeling better. I agree about the stay at home uniform! I am blessed to have a husband who thinks fitted stretch pants are sexy!