Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Ham-ming it up

Today was not a good day for this Mutha.

Drama with my mama. I'd go into details, but why bring you down with me?

Instead, check out the dinner conversation with the lovely three year old Miss Boo. Her class is putting on a play about soup? She has learned five songs for this play, each one to do with soup. The main song rattles off about 20 different types of soup. I'm seriously impressed that three year olds can do this, aren't you? I can barely remember where I put Avie.

Each child was assigned a soup. My child's is Alphabet. She informed us tonight that the new kid in class is Ham.

Boo: He's Ham but I don't know his name.
Me: Ham-pton?
Matt: Ham-ilton?
Me: West-Ham?
Matt: Moons Over My Ham-my?
Mae: Birming-Ham?
Matt: Hi, welcome to class. You're Ham.

Boo studied us both for a moment, not phased in the slightest.

Boo: No, I think his name is Pumpkin Head.

One of my lovely readers suggested I increase my hits by putting my internet show on You Tube.

So I did. Let's see if I can get 20 viewers! Dream big, baby!

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