Sunday, September 16, 2007

Where's Flobees?

Look. I never claimed to be one of the cool kids. I never said I was hip. Or rad. Or dope. Or - what the hell are the kids saying today? What word now means cool? Is cool still cool? Will cool ever go out of style? My gawd I'm getting old.

Here's a woman who will never grow old. This is my new friend. Call her Flobees, please.

Since I'm a lady (cough cough) I would never reveal another lady's age. Let's say she's close to my mother's age and leave it at that.

But unlike my mother, Flobees is tuned in to the tech world. She gets email on her slim little pink cell phone. She knows HTML. I mean, she knows what it means AND how to use it! She drives a super cute Bug with personalized plates AND she has black flowers in the dashboard vase. I'm telling you, "The Bees" is one impressive lady.

Flobees and I met today via the internet due to our silly little hobby that brings us so much joy, Where's George. Oh yeah. I'm still Georging. Do you remember what I told you about that site? Shame, you're supposed to hang onto every little detail of my life! What's wrong with you?

What's wrong with you, what's wrong with me? Here's what I do. I take a dollar. I enter the serial number and the date of the dollar into the Where's George website. Then I stamp the dollar with a Where's George stamp. Then I spend the dollar. And oh honey, can I spend some dollars. Someone gets my dollar. If curious or bored that day, they enter the serial and date onto Where's George. Maybe even leave you a note as to where they were given the dollar. I get an email. I get an email for the life of the dollar, each time it's "hit" and someone enters it into the system.

You're scratching your head. You're wondering why this benefits me. Am I making money? No. I'm spending money, actually. Is it helping my career in any way? No, it's probably hurting the career. The time I'm entering dollars is time I could be searching for more gigs. Oh, but it's fun. No, really. You get addicted to the whole George experience. And you learn handy bits about geography and currency tracking along the way.

Sigh... I know. I KNOW. You'll never understand my love for George. And that's ok. Let me remain your kooky friend that you don't really "get" but makes you feel oh so normal.

Flobees gets me. We sat at Bread Company today and looked at her hit maps. I checked out her neato collection of Where's George stamps. We even traded dollars. I have ten Flobees dollars, complete with a little bee on the front that my husband will spend at work. She will spend my boring basic stamped dollars while on vacation in Michigan. Why? BECAUSE IT'S FUN! Try it sometime. I dare you.

Lookee! Flobees took this picture of me on her cell phone. Can your Memaw do that? I doubt it.

Just another opportunity for you to get used to what I look like before the show debuts. Er, show??? What show? My wittle internet hobby. Just like my Where's George hobby. My freak flag is flying high, baby!


Mutha said...

Um, actually this all happened on Sunday, same day at the Bot Garden. I don't wear a blue shirt every day. I should. It's quite flattering.

Kathy said...

Re: technically savvy women of our mothers' age. My mom calls the entire internet "the website," and I love her for that.

Shannon River said...

LOL... I was actually thinking of that vacuuming hair cutting device, the FLOWBEE.

I don't use cash enough to get into this George thing. But I think I should! I really think my hubby would highly enjoy it.

Pssssst! I have a new blog!
(which should be with my comment as a link I think. Eh.)

beautiful freak said...

Ok you can borrow the freak flag but only for a little while..

Amy said...

I need to start spending cash so I can play! Sounds very cool!

Flobees said...

Mutha...Oh I'm a celebrity.
It was much fun talking with you at the bread company Sunday. Don't know if I told you about the Kansas City gathering. We will be taking the train from Kirkwood MO and having dinner with 30 other Georgers and returning home Sunday. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Hope we meet again real soon!