Monday, September 17, 2007

Junie Bug 11 months

Junie Bug is 11 months old today.

Note that QVC is on the television. Because I'm 36 going on 70.
Toofers! Four to be exact! Top and bottom.
You can't tell by the pics, but Junie is finally getting some hair buds. The Chairman Mao 'do is finally filling out a bit.
The Bug's words are similar to what they were last month:
All done
All gone
But now she is putting them together. All done, Mama! All gone, Mama!

She is now standing from a sitting position and starting to take small steps. When she stands, she raises her arms in the air and yells, "AHHH!" She is so proud and she wants us to clap for her. Juna loves praise for her accomplishments!

She also stands up and dances. She does the twist. Then she bobs her head, head banger style. That's a lot of movement for a little baby, so she usually tumbles right over.

She's Mama's girl, all the way. Two peas in a pod, we are. Where Avie's eyes light up when Matt walks into a room. Junie adores her mother. I'm still amazed that's me! I'm her mama! I'm the luckiest woman in the world.


Steph said...

She is SO beautiful! Happy 11 months baby girl!

J said...

What a pretty little girl! All your girls are beautiful, in fact, and such distinct personalities too. Happy BD Juna!

stljoie said...

The really stunning thing is how much she looks like you!!!

Tiffany said...

She is gorgeous!!

Katrina said...

what a doll..happy birthday!