Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Juna took her first steps last night. Of course the camera was nowhere in sight. Today I was prepared. Here's about five seconds of Juna attempting to walk. I posted this particular segment because of Avie. She did not want her sister hogging the spotlight.

Shortly after putting away the camera, Avie began crawling for the first time. Lesson learned- always have the camera standing by at all times!

Posting this video was frustrating and took several hours due to high traffic on Blogger. So another lesson was learned. Post video late at night. Good to know for when I post the first episode of my show. Er, silly little internet hobby.

Hey! We actually shot my on camera stuff a few days ago. And by we I mean my husband and I. I don't want to make it sound like someone would actually hire me to do this. I'm just another kook getting some "airtime" thanks to the internet.

I'm perky on camera. I need to take it down a few notches. And I need to keep my head still. The frame is this ---------- big and I am ALL over the place.

It's turning out pretty entertainment news packagey. Not sure if that was the intended direction, but I guess that's my forte. Or I guess that's about all I can do with a crew of two adults and three children three and under. The first show is about why the Botanical Garden is a great place to take young children. However, there are no shots of moms with their young children. The place was deserted. So it's me, all blah blah blah bring your kids here you'll love it, and then cut to shots of.... empty pathways and not one single kid playing in the children's area. We're going back to get more shots, otherwise, what's the point?

No really, what IS the point? Just what am I trying to prove here? Look, I don't know. It seemed like a fun idea and I had a blast getting in front of the camera again. I'm having the best time over here, people. So I guess if I measure this in happiness, this is SO worth my time.

Until I get the shots I need and then get the darn thing edited, which will take a few weeks, dammit, check out five seconds of cuteness below.


heather said...

adorable! i love how they're both in the shot:)

Steph said...

YAY for mobility! They're both adorable!

meowmix said...

Yea Juna! You have the most mobile children! My lumps take forever to move!

Britney said...

Yay Juna! We'll have to have a playdate soon with just the little ones.

Pat said...

Just you wait! Soon they'll all be walking and like they have it planned, they will take off in three separate directions.