Sunday, September 30, 2007

Grocery Shopping With All My Children

We took All My Children grocery shopping for the very first time.

And look! I'm alive to tell the tale!

I pushed the babies in the double stroller while Matt pushed Boo in the shopping cart.

Yeah, that doesn't attract aaaaaaany attention.

We went to Costco and the Asian market. We attracted the most stares in the Asian market. At one time we had a crowd of people around us, speaking various languages. June Bug held her cool until a woman leaned in and began speaking Mandarin. She flipped out. I haven't seen her that upset in a long time.

I quickly navigated away from the curious crowd to the check out line, just hoping we could make an escape without further attention being drawn to us.

That's when the three year old, while sitting nicely in the front of the shopping cart, began doing the YMCA. Singing it at the top of her lungs and doing the arm movements.

Apparently the YMCA is a universal dance, as people all around us took notice and pointed and laughed.

I was gasping for air, I was laughing so hard while sputtering, "Boo! Who taught you that? Where did you learn the YMCA?"

"In P.E. class. That's gym you know."

I tried to get more details. Does the gym teacher play the song? Does everyone dance? Does the gym teacher dance? She just shrugged and continued singing.

Tonight we were attempting to brush teeth when she started doing something I also thought would come much later. Observe:

Me: Boo, stop wiggling and start brushing your teeth.
Her: Boo, stop wiggling and start brushing your teeth.
Me: Oh, you're copying me now?
Her: Oh, you're copying me now?
Me: Greaaaaat.
Her: Greaaaaat.
Me: (Hands on hips) Boo, knock it off and brush your teeth!
Her: (Hands on hips) Boo, knock it off and brush your teeth!
Me: (Big sigh)
Her: (Big sigh)
Me: (Giving her the Angry Mommy Stare)
Her: (Giving it back and then realizing I wasn't playing) Sorry, Mommy. I thought it was funny!

She then hopped off her step stool and did the YMCA all the way back to her bedroom.

I'll say it again. I'm terrified of the teenage years.


Holly said...

C'Mon - the teen years will be full of adventure!
You should be happy, you have a spirited child. It's more entertaining than having a wallflower! LOL!!
At least that's what I keep telling myself!

Nat said...

Oh my, it WAS funny! I wish we could have seen the after-brushing dance too... BTW, I love the boots!!!

Steph said...

You are BRAVE for taking them all shopping. Im sorry June Bug was upset. :( Boo is HILARIOUS!!! I can totally see Liv doing exactly the same thing.. cuz she has!

A said...

That is courageous! I would have died laughing to see Boo belt out the YMCA in the middle of the market. Oh, that is absolutely hilarious.

Katie said...

Oh man - I can just see it. And yes - the teen years are going to be nuts. YOu may need bars on the windows and padlocks on the doors.