Saturday, September 29, 2007


Before the PCOS. Before the infertility treatment. Before the pregnancy, the miscarriage, and the last troubled pregnancy. Before staying at home and caring for three children under three, she wore mini skirts.

12 years and umpteen pounds ago, she wore mini skirts with boots. Black knee high lace up boots. Dangerous boots not meant for walking. Boots meant for strutting and dancing and getting in and out of trouble. Seriously sexy boots that did all the talking for her.

The me she is today found a pair of boots online. The sheen of the leather, the height of the heels, the delicate lacing daring to be untied. The boots spoke to her. "Go ahead. I dare you."

The me she is today just sighed, her feet wiggling comfortably within her Disney Mama Crocs "When will I ever get a chance to wear you?"

The me she used to be whispered, "Buy them and see!"

Can a pair of boots change your life?

The me she will always be can't wait to find out.


Dianna said...

They're lovely. I'd be creating opportunities to wear those gorgeous boots!

PS- I don't actually blog anywhere so I can't add an address for you. I always found that my blogging turned into a whinge fest so I gave it up!

Arlene said...

You go girl. :D

Steph said...

Those are AMAZING!!! You will look great in them! Enjoy

Holly said...

Nice boots! Hot!

So happy to be back on your blog! I have some catching up to do!

canape said...

Damn girl. Those are some great boots. So glad you ordered them.

Embrace the boots. Wear the boots. Love the boots.

As you can see, I have issues. And lots of boots.

Katie said...

Awesome boots. Really really awesome. Glad you bought them. Try the Dr. Schols inserts with them!