Friday, September 28, 2007

Conversations with Miss Boo- Chinese

A dinner conversation with my three year old, the lovely and talented Miss Boo. Sometimes she's a typical three year old and sometimes she's such a teenager it's scary. And yes, she really does talk like that. I'm quoting exactly from our conversation. I'm keeping a notebook on the table at all times just for these situations. I want to remember encounters like this for years to come!

Boo: Mama, is Juna used to us yet?

Me: Hmm.. we're pretty weird, so she'll probably never be used to us. Why do you ask?

Boo: You know her original birth place was China.

Me: (Laughing) Why yes, it was Boo! Remember, Daddy and I went to China to bring her home?

Boo: She was an orphan in an orphanage.

Me: A nice lady found her and brought her to the orphanage.

Boo: No, the POLICE took her to the orphanage!

Me: Actually, you are right. A lady found her and called the police and the police took her to the orphanage.

Boo: Sometimes you don't get your stories straight.

Me: (More laughing) So true. I'm old! Give me a break.

Boo: No, give ME a break. I'm pretty frustrated.

Me: Oh here we go! Why are you frustrated?

Boo: How come we never speak Chinese any more? We used to say Ni Hao all the time and now we never say it anymore.

Me: That's true, we should speak more Chinese, but I don't know much Chinese. I'm sorry Boo.

Boo: I'm really sad you don't teach me any Chinese. Maybe you can work on that.

Me: Ok, Boo. I'll get to work on that right away.

I find it amusing that my three year old is busting my chops because I'm not teaching her Chinese.

This morning I attempted to get Boo ready for school. She kept slamming an imaginary door in my face. She'd make a slamming motion, then say, "I can't hear you! I'm behind this closed door now!"

Never a boring moment with the Boo.


Nat said...

OMG, you do have a teenager in the house! Sorry, but... LOL!!! And you have two more on their way: with Boo as a role-model, you're set! ;o)

A said...

Too funny - she sounds like such a handful. 3 going on 13.

Monica said...

Oh My Lord...that girl is a mess! How funny!
Love, Monica

Louanne said...

That's awesome. She...they said she was gifted right?

And I saw your post on my blog and agree. Their features are very similar and they are DANG cute!!!! We are lucky mommies and I am glowing right along with you. Miss N is 11 months today.


Mutha said...

Yep, she's the one who is supposedly gifted. I think she's just advanced verbally due to her daddy's ginormous vocabulary and not adjusting it to three year old speak. She seems to "get" the words and is now using them properly.

Nat- I love that you are an OT! Do you work with babies or children?

Steph said...

Wow! She's amazing! Wait till you hit the teen years! :)