Thursday, August 2, 2007

Juna's bath, Miss Boo's costume shop

Dear Miss Boo,

Just because Mulan chops off her hair in the movie, does not mean you should cut your hair with your craft scissors. No, you are not going to war to replace your daddy because he has to go work on computers. And here, give me those scissors, please. And NO, you cannot cut your Mulan doll's hair, either! AHHHHH!!!

Juna has her 9 month checkup tomorrow and I cannot wait to see how much weight she has gained. She's been with us almost a month now has a tummy and squishy thighs and fat rolls! She was never skinny, but she was certainly underweight.

I wonder if Juna ever had a bath in the orphanage? I wonder this because of how much she LOVES baths today. I mean, that kid will hear the water running in the tub and start squealing with joy while high tailing it to the bathroom. Then she pulls herself up on the tub so she can watch the water run. All the while bouncing her legs and going, "Ahhhhh! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhh!"

She gets into the tub with her big sister and splashes Miss Boo like crazy. Miss Boo splashes back and Juna loves it. Water all over her face, and Juna just blinks blinks and splashes back.

Then Juna says, "up up" and I stand her up so she can stomp the water with her feet. Or kick the water. Either way, she's happy if the water is moving.

Today Juna was playing with some cups in the bath and started saying, "Mama" in this exaggerated hoarse like whisper. Almost like the redrum voice in The Shining. She sounded possessed. Boo and I both laughed and started imitating her. Which only made Juna repeat it back to us a dozen times. If anyone was listening in at that moment, they would think were nuts.

I forgot to tell you that I took Miss Boo (the three year old) to a costume shop the other day. It was shortly after her I AM GOING TO BE MULAN FOR CALLOWEEN breakdown. Miss Boo was in her element. We had to spend an hour in there, much to the annoyance of the alterna-chick who worked there. They don't get many people in the costume shop at 10am on a weekday, months before Halloween. Alterna-chick wanted to surf My Space. I wanted to know where the kid's wigs were kept. "I dunno. Maybe downstairs. Someone works down there."

If someone worked down there, I never saw the person. I could have made off with hundreds of dollars worth of "Pimp and Ho" costumes. They actually have an entire room just for Pimp and Ho celebrations. I really don't know what to say about that. Other than I'm sure the target market is white sorority girls.

No Mulan costumes, are you shocked? It's the Midwest, after all. Lots of Cinderella and Belle. No Mulan.

We left, with Boo in tears, because I wouldn't buy her a 14 dollar cheap plastic sword. I told her Dad will make her a sword out of foam. "But foam's not plastic, Mama! Foam isn't stable!"


crtarpy said...

Too funny. Maybe I'll go as a Ho this year...if I lost a few pounds I could pull it off...

Funny because Liam was just talking about what he and Emeili would be for Halloween tonight (He likes to match...last year they were a bee keeper and a bee), so he came up with Bo Peep and her sheep...not sure who is going to be Bo-Peep.

By the way...our school list is the same way. Lysol, toilet paper, tissues, clorox wipes, etc. I get annoyed every year (mainly because it is one more thing to shop for AND because our school requires that each item be a specific name brand! Ugh), but as a former school teacher (don't remind me) it is better than having them buy it. In a perfect world, our school tax would pay for such items like in the good ole days, but -alas- no such luck.

Good luck with Mulan! I hope she finds the sword with durability!

Mutha said...

Casey, thank you. I feel so bad for teachers. It must be frustrated not having the materials to properly do your job of educating America's children. Sheesh. It just breaks my heart.

We can afford those items. I wonder about the people who can't. What happens if your shopping list breaks your budget for the month? What if you have more than one child? You're not at an income where you need assistance, but you ARE on a budget.

Guess you have to budget for August each year then.

Hmm all very interesting.

Mutha said...


Katie said...

Hey - Sofie also does the posessed demon voice. Glad to hear we are not alone. I was kinda wondering about it.