Friday, August 3, 2007

School daze

Alrighty then!

I just got home from my very first school supply shopping extravaganza! I went on Tax Free weekend, which is why it was such a cluster "you know what." In the old days, I would have told you what. But since this is a Mommy Blog and we ARE talking about kids and school supplies....

I went on Friday afternoon and I took Boo. Bad idea. Next year, she stays at home. Or I'll send Daddy. Maybe I'll send Daddy anyway. Tax Free Weekend and Target was jam packed on a Friday afternoon.

I hate to shop for groceries and I now hate to shop for school supplies. They both involve lists and I'm more of a "let's see what looks good today" kinda gal.

OK let me just say that it's just not Boo's school that has the super long school supply list filled with brand name items. I spied several lists from several top name public and private schools. Everyone has to do this. Unless you school has mad tax money coming in, everyone has to do this.

I feel better now. Kind of.

The funny thing is that I wasn't the only mom wandering in circles while muttering to herself. "Package of dry board erasers. 3 inch binder. Where the (whispered) hell do I find a package of dry board erasers and three inch binders?"

That kind of talk could be heard all over the school supply section of Target this afternoon. No censoring, no editing. School supply shopping brings out a lot of hells and damns, my friends. Even in front of the children. Which I guess is very tame these days. I just try to keep it very clean in front of Boo.

Boo and I found 1 inch binders and 2 inch binders. 3 inch binders? None. Dry erasers? None. Until I had the brilliant idea to go to the office supply section. Score! I actually said SCORE and did a little dance. My goal was to get it all done this weekend. No running to Office Depot on Sunday afternoon. Bleh, I have better things to do with my time.

The grand total was 25 dollars. Not extreme. But times that by several child and I can see why parents get frustrated. It's not the usual supplies that get you- crayons and markers and notebooks. It's the office supply stuff that adds up. Hence, why the parents are buying them now. Better than the teachers. I'm happy to help. This is truly the state of our education system, my fellow Americans. Get used to it. It's only going to get worse.

Think of this next time you see MTVs Cribs or similar showcase of the rich and famous homes and how people with big bucks just blow their money. Think of this when you see the gold plated toilets and dogs wearing real diamond collars.

Juna's 9 month checkup went well. She gained 2 pounds in the month she's been home. She's now 16 lbs and 28 inches. 70th percentile for height. 3rd percentile for weight. She is to go on all table food, no more baby food. Bottles, too, of course. Juna is ahead on motor skills, slightly behind on verbal, but saying Mama is a great start. Her boil is healing up nicely- not more gunk inside, just healing now.

Juna got five shots and a TB test. They insert some kind of liquid under her arm, via needle. We go back Monday to see if it's positive or not. The poor nurse. She was the one who had to give Avalon her first series of shots when Avalon was only 5 pounds. Babies are normally much larger at that point. She was almost in tears, and she's been doing this forever. I heard her say to the doctor beforehand, "You are not going to make me give a 5 pound baby 5 shots!" Today, she cringed again. "Poor Juna. I am so sorry I have to do this to her! Five shots and a TB test!"

I asked for another nurse to come in and hold Juna down while the shots were given. I didn't want Juna to associate me with that. Juna freaked out, of course. Afterwards, she reached for me while sobbing, "Mama. Mama! MAMA!" Then she took a two hour nap. Juna usually naps 45 mins to an hour at most. The shots really took it out of her.

It's a big weekend. We celebrate Juna being home one month tomorrow. Friends are taking me to the Chinese area of town for shopping and lunch. Then it's Juna's shower. Then Matt's sisters are coming to town to meet Juna on Sunday.

Have a great weekend.

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