Tuesday, July 31, 2007


A pic of Miss Boo. In this pic, she was 10 months old. It's her first Halloween.

We took her tick or treating in the neighborhood. She was able to walk to the front porches and collect candy. Pretty sweet deal for a baby. Except when she got home and Mommy and Daddy swiped her candy. Like taking candy from a baby....

Our first Halloween catalog of the season arrived today. Or as Boo calls it, "Calloween."

Boo grabbed the catalog and could barely speak, she was so excited. LOOK LOOK! It's a CALLOWEEN catalog! Ooooh, Mommy, it's a skeleton. He's not real. He's plastic. He's reaaaaalllly scary. And look look! A candy corn wreath! That looks tasty! And OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!! It's a MULAN COSTUME! MULAN! MULAN! Can I be Mulan for Calloween? LOOK! It's MULAN!!! Look, Juna! Look! It's MULAN! I am going to be Mulan for Calloween. And you can be Ariel and Avalon can be Sleeping Beauty. I am going to be Mulan! LOOK IT'S A MULAN COSTUME!!!!!!!!! I! AM! GOING! TO! BE! MULAN! FOR! CALLOWEEN!!!

And that went on for about an hour.

And then it ended in hysterical tears when she realized that a costume from a catalog must be ordered. It doesn't just magically jump from the catalog into her closet.

Then even more hysteria when she realized she doesn't have a sword in her dress up box.

And more tears to realize she doesn't have long jet black hair like Mulan does. Lots of confusion when I explained the whole wig concept.

I assured her we have something for her to wear. One of her dresses from China will do.

She went into a trance, I swear. She kept muttering, "Must be Mulan for Calloween. Must get a sword. Must get a black wig. I already have the dress, CHECK! I need a black wig, CHECK! And I need a sword, CHECK!

I have a hard time breaking it to her that Halloween is months and months away!


Anonymous said...

Boo is absolutely hilarious. I really need a playdate with your girls. And you too, of course :) I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

Katie said...

I was thinking the same thing. Dito on what Tara said.

Arlene said...

My baby will be one Calloween day!! Yay!! Somehow Haloween seemd appropriate for labor... all the blood and gore really set the mood.
;) (That was a joke btw)

Shannon said...

The princesses mention made me think of you when I saw this:


I love this damn website, but WOW do I crave sweets after viewing it.