Friday, July 27, 2007

Zappa is no mutha

Let me just say how much I love hearing Juna's voice as she says, "Mama."

It's always special when your child first says mama. But an adopted child? Recognizing YOU as mama? Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. It's ... breathtaking. It literally takes my breath away.

Today she was playing on the floor and I was seated in the office chair while responding to a client. I swung around and sang, "Juuuuuunaaaaa." She looked up, broke into a huge grin, reached her arms up and said, "Mama."

Melt melt melt melt.

Then she saw Zappa, the cat. Broke into a huge grin. Reached her arms out to him and said, "Mama."

I'm blogging this as Matt and The Boo are picking up Matt's mom from the airport. She's come to meet Juna for the first time.

This is the very first night that I've had to put the babies to bed.

I know, they broke the mold when they made Matt. That man walks in the door doesn't stop with the daddy duties until he goes to bed.

He gets on the floor with the kids while I throw together dinner and set the table. Setting the table is an elaborate process now. It involves our food, Boo's food (usually slightly different from our food as she is three and ... enough said right there. Then there's food for the babies.

Juna eats some table food and 3rd stage baby food. Avalon is just starting on baby food. So by the time I'm done with dinner prep, I've made four meals. Granted, two of them are tiny meals and usually from tiny jars, but still... By 5pm, I'm a goner, folks, and those four meals are a lot of effort during the worst hours of the day for a mom.

We feed the babes and ourselves. Then we all get on the floor and play with the children. Then I make bottles. Then we feed the babes. Then the 3 year old gets her TV time while I wash bottles and Daddy puts the babes to bed.

When I wash those damn Dr Brown's bottles and all their little assorted parts, I wonder if there are other moms out there, doing the same thing? I wonder if they are staring at a kitchen wall like I am and thinking of all the other things they could be doing in the time it takes to wash those #$%*&@ Dr Brown's bottles.

Then it's time to get Boo's teeth brushed and read her stories and tuck her into bed.

By 7pm, every child in the house should be asleep.

Aaaaand that's just about when Matt falls asleep. Because Matt has overnight duty, too.

Who is this man and why is he so whipped?

Look, I don't get it, either. To hear other moms talk, the dads checked out of daddy duty 5 minutes after the child was conceived. I guess it's just a plan that fell into place after Boo was born. I was a weeeeeee emotional from the hormones not going back into place when they should have. And that, my internet friends, was the understatement of the year. Maybe he does that because I'm also a working mom? Not that I work that much. I don't know, really. Dumb luck? Or is it my sharp wit and oh so witty ways? It certainly ain't my rockin bod. And by rockin, I mean the way it keeps moving, even after I pause to eat more chocolate.

My point is that I've never had to put the babies to bed at night. And here I am, blogging after.. wait! I didn't even put the babies to sleep! Matt put them to sleep, then left for the airport. So I'm just the person to is listening to the monitor in case the babies wake up.

Hey! According to Juna, I'm still Mama.

Then again, so is Zappa....

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Wendy said...

Just wanted to come by and say hi! I cracked up over your 'Mutha' explanation. You sound like a person who is right up my alley! And thanks for swinging by my blog too!

Nat said...

Oh my, that post put a huge smile on my face: so real and so tender! I can't even imagine what dinner time is like for you right now, but you described it pretty well, and I'm sure your description is still just a peek at the reality! Oh, and by the way, I think I married your husband's secret brother! :o)

Arlene said...

Joe's pretty good about daddy duty as well. Alanna LOVEs her daddy and sometimes won't come to me!! She only wants him. Of course I stay home with her all day, which makes daddy the fun one. ;)

Anonymous said...

Matt loves you and he loves his little girls. You were lucky to find him! :)

Tracy said...

Hi -- I love your site! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Trust me, Juna's hair will grow! Hannah was a "baldy" too. Check out her referral photo -- she was 9 months old in this picture, and I'm not seeing any hair!!