Friday, July 27, 2007

Conversations with Miss Boo- Pray to the sisters

While we were in China, Boo stayed with my mother, who is a pray before meals person. She also stayed with a family who have a baby named Eli. I think they're pray before eating people, too.

This conversation took place before lunch today with myself and the three year old.

Boo: Give me your hand, Mama. We need to pray.
Me: Ok, go for it.
Boo: I love you, Mama, and I pray you come home safely from China.
Me: It appears your prayer has been answered. Who answers your prayers, Boo?
Boo: Certainly not Eli!
Me: (laughs) Well, Mulan says prayers to her ancestors.
Boo: I can pray to Avalon and Juna!
Me: Why?
Boo: They're my an-sisters!

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JaenShaesMom said...

That is too adorable! That way of thinking is exactly why I like working with children. Their way of thinking is so simple and makes so much sense!