Tuesday, July 31, 2007

You will need candles and flashlights when traveling to China

Here is the top response from people when they hear our China adoption travel story.

China has electricity?

People don't have much of an understanding of China adoptions, but they have an even less understanding of China in general.

That's one of the big reasons I have this blog. If I can help to educate just one reader out there about adoption or shed some positive light about China, then I've paid it forward for our fantastic adoption experience. That's why I am now posting pictures in my blog- (I had a no pictures policy in my old blog.) The story has more impact with visual aids. And you love pictures, don't you? I do, too. Bring on the pictures!!

I have to laugh at that China has electricity question. Especially since I fed the baby each night while watching quite the laser and light show each night from our hotel window at White Swan.

If there wasn't electricity, how would anything be Made In China?


Katie said...

Ha - post made me laugh!

Shannon said...

My. Gawd.
People actually do not realize there's e-leck-tric-sity in China? WOW.
I'm gaping over here.

But then... why should I be so damn surprised?