Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mutha explains her blog

Yo yo yo!

There's a Mutha in the Hizz-ouse!

Ok fine. I realize I'm so white, I glow. I realize I am using outdated hip hop slang that became WAY overused by dorky Caucasians like myself. I realize I'm an idiot.

But that's what makes me so much fun.

Here's the dilly-o.

Whazz-up with the recent mental trend of looking down one's nose at mothers? To be more precise, anyone who totally gets into being a mother?

What happened? Because not too long ago, before the whole jail thing, Martha Stewart was in charge and being a crafty, home loving, home decorating, gourmet cupcake making MAMA was THE thing to be.

Now? Unless you're not an "enhanced" looking MILF who's completely removed from the motherhood experience, you're not squat.


Picture a group of moms- wanna be MILFs of the Midwestern variety. Blonde, but not too blonde. Thin, but not too thin. Made up, but not too made up. You see where I'm going with this.

They were discussing someone they know, another mom, who had planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for her son's birthday. All kinds of clues for himself and his brother to find, race around, and together discover a special hidden prize. Not his birthday present. His scavenger hunt present. One he could share with his bro.

How does that sound to you? To me, it sounds sweet. Here's a mom who wanted to do something special for her kid and his little brother. Probably something they'd always remember when looking back on birthday memories.

What did the wanna be MILFs have to say about this?

“GAWD, that woman has no life!”
“She has WAY too much time on her hands!”
“I think someone enjoys being a mommy a little tooooo much.”

And just like that, they all turned into chickens. Bawk bawk bawk. Cackle cackle. Peck peck peck.

So, we're supposed to have children, and then be indifferent to the whole experience? And that's supposed to make us... what? Cool?

Indifferent to motherhood. Very excited about the breast implants and Botox. But motherhood? Yawn. Whatever.

See, I don't get this.

Take blogging as another example.

I'm a blogger. I've been a blogger for yars and yars now. But once I had kids and started writing about the kids, I became, (horror of horrors) A MOMMY BLOGGER.

Mommy bloggers? So not in. So NOT the thing to be. Anytime someone refers to one, they do so with much disdain.

See, I don't think moms who blog are the problem. I think finding interesting blogs to read is the challenge. The best blogs are written by good storytellers. People who know how to entertain. The right storyteller can make just about any story an interesting one. Even stories about.... GASP.... motherhood.

Me? I'm more of a Mutha than a Mother. A mom with much attitude. And this is my Mommy Blog. I am going to write and write and write and write some more about being a mommy. I'm going to write about my kid, my babies, and our sad little lives. Said with a sneer. Just like how the anti mommy blog fans describe blogs just like this one.

The first few months of this blog talk explore the mental state of a woman who just got a referral for her third child, a baby from China.

Then there's a link to the actual travel blog.

And now I will talk about life with a three year old, a seven month old, and a nine month old.

And I say that it's ok to enjoy motherhood. Really. It's actually a Good Thing. And there's my Martha tie in to wrap up the post while I wave goodbye and hope that you people reading this actually GET what I am trying to do here.

I'm hell bent on putting the Mutha back into Motherhood. If you want to enjoy the experience with me, bookmark this site and come along for the crazy journey.


jen said...

oh what is wrong with enjoying it too much? No such thing! I'm here for the ride though, I've always enjoyed it. You've made me want to go to China, if nothing else.

Jenny said...

Dayyy-mmm woman you got so many blogs I'm starting to lose track. :)

Or at least so many names over the years. Heh. It's fun to see you "back in pink" tho.

Arlene said...

Your a super hero mom. :)

Becka said...

I have been reading your China blog since it was linked to me by my husband, who happens to work with your husband. I happen to love mothering blogs and have a badly spelled, badly typo'd one myself.
I have really enjoyed reading about your family.