Monday, June 18, 2007

Where's George?

George is going to Hong Kong.

So I got some money out of my wallet this morning. I noticed one of the dollar's had a red stamp on the front. ""

I've heard of that before!

Because I am a big big geek, I raced to the computer. Yes, I raced. I was actually giddy because I had a Where's George dollar!

Have you heard of Where's George? It's one of those quirky internet projects that started years ago. Enter a dollar bill into the system, see where it has traveled before getting to you. That is, if other people have bothered to enter the dollar along its path.

I entered my dollar. It had one entry. A person in MN who stamped it with the Where's George stamp.

So I entered the dollar. Serial number. Date of series. And I listed where the dollar is going. Hong Kong- to be exchanged at the hotel on our adoption trip.

The person in MN has asked to receive email, telling him where the dollar ended up.

He is going to get a HUGE kick out of that!

Here's a link to the Where's George site. Silly fun. I'll post an update if anyone ever enters my adoption dollar- I've asked for email updates, too.


Kimberly said...

I've been a "Georger" for almost 6 years now. It can be addicting! It isn't so bad if all you do is enter the bills that you find, but someday you might actually find yourself entering and marking bills of your own. LOL

Funny In China said...

I am now addicted to this. So is the husband. We've entered our cash on hand today. We are also going to enter all the money we get from the bank for our trip. It cannot be marked on, but at least it will be entered.

We are such geeks.