Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Adoption Bride

Three days to go, guys. Three days.

My Mother In Law was in town this weekend, en route to an orchestra conference. She brought her violin. I was unaware she brought her violin until she started playing while I was in the other room. This proves how preoccupied I am. Of course she'd have her violin for an orchestra conference! I quickly grabbed the video camera, so the girls will always have footage of their grandmother's talent.

I walked into the room to find our three year old dancing "ballet." Her version of ballet. Which involves graceful but extremely dramatic movement. And a lot of falling down to the floor. When Nana would pause the music, my daughter would grab her skirt and bow all the way to the floor. Then she raced for her instrument box and played each different instrument while Nana played along. Drums, harmonica, jingle bells, rain stick. Then more ballet.

I hope my daughter one day treasures that video footage. I never got to meet my grandmother, so I realize how special the time she has left with her own grandmothers truly can be.

Kudos to my Husband's mother, for traveling all over the world for these conferences. She's in her 70s! I'm 36 and the thought of flying to Hong Kong has exhausted me.

I can't even describe my headspace right now. I'm about to have a baby! I'm about to have a baby down 15 pounds with no aches or pains or worries about going into labor. Has that stopped the labor dreams? No. Has that stopped the, "I can't feel my baby move, did she die in utero" dreams? No. The only similarity is that there is a suitcase packed and waiting for the moment we must dash away. Only this time it's a muuuuuuch larger suitcase. And we know the exact moment we must dash away.

What's left to do? A pediatrician appointment today. Last minute recording on Tuesday. Weds is a free day to clean the house and get it ready for the house sitter. And Thursday? Wow.

3 days. I'm no longer the bridesmaid. I'm finally the bride.


Christa said...

Who would have thought all those years ago when Marge was going on about a Chinese baby girl that you'd be here, getting ready to fly across the world and pick her up. Congratulations!!

Jenny said...

Woooooo!!!! And yay to Nana footage!