Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday- 11 days until we leave

Our schedule for China has been finalized. Here it is!

Schedule in China

Fri, June 22
Arrive in Hong Kong 345pm
Stay at Novotel City Gate Hotel

Sat, June 23
Sightseeing with Vince and Michelle in Hong Kong

Sun, June 24
Flight to Nanchang
Arrive 1pm
(Our travel group from Beijing arrives the same time)

Stay at Gloria Plaza Hotel

Meet Baby in the afternoon!!!!

Mon, June 25

Registration and notary

Tue, June 26
Free day in Nanchang

Wed, June 27
Sightseeing: TengWeng Pavilion in the morning

Thur, June 28
Sightseeing: Countryside – Chinese village

Fri, June 29
Get the passport and all paperwork back, do paperwork for the ACS,
Flight to Guangzhou
Leave 5:10p- arrive 6:35p

Stay at White Swan Hotel

Sat, June 30
Happy Birthday Matt!!
Medical examination for children

Sun, July 1
Free day

Mon, July 2
Appt at ACS, Farewell Dinner

Tues, July 3
Go to ACS to take oath and get the visa in the afternoon around 6:00pm

Wed, July 4
Happy 9 year wedding anniversary!
Fly out of GZ at 845am
Fly out of Hong Kong at 1245pm
Arrive in Chicago 15 hours later
Five hour layover
Fly home- arrive 9pm


Louanne said...

WOO HOO!! Yeah for having your plans done and packing finished.

jen said...

yay! I'm all tense with anticipation for you! :)

Funny In China said...

Thank you! I am really excited. And Jen- don't worry. If we die, I'll still post from the grave. I'm too addicted to blogging!

Jenny said...

Post from the grave - hah! You would. :) Have a great trip and I'm SO SO SO excited for you!