Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's mosquito season. Again. Bah.

There's a lot of glass block in this house. When people visit from other areas of the country, they are baffled by the amount of glass block in this house. Even for a city home in this area of the country, we STILL have a lot of glass block! Usually the city homes have glass block porthole style windows. We have an entire exterior wall made of glass block. Glass block, glass block, glass block. How many times can one use glass block in a paragraph? Numerous times if you are describing my house!

Good thing I like glass block.

I especially like the modern swanky homes that have glass block privacy walls in the bathroom. Ones that are lit from within. Oooh. Ahhhhhh. Not my house. The glass block used in my home is plentiful, but not stylish.

So last night I'm standing next to the exterior glass block wall. And I see a mosquito buzzing around outside. He's frantically trying to get into the house via the glass block. Zzzz Bang! Zzzzz Bang! He keeps hitting his mosquito face against the glass block.

And here's me. Flipping him off and going, "Neener neener, bastard! You can't get in! MUAH HAH HAH HAH!"

And then I realized I was flipping off a mosquito.

And for a second, I felt a weeeeeee bit crazy.

But since no one was looking, I did a little wiggle dance and kept on flippin.

Stupid mosquitos. They take the fun out of summer.

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