Monday, June 4, 2007

Hong Kong Phooey

We just booked our hotel stay in Hong Kong.

Novotel City Gate

It's five mins from the airport. There is a shuttle to the hotel. Very important because when we land, it will be 3am Central Time. 4pm Hong Kong. I can't sleep on planes. I am going to be very tired.

Our friends are going to meet us at the airport and escort us to the hotel, then to dinner.

We took advantage of a hotel promotion where they sell rooms for half off if you make a no cancellation reservation. We booked an Executive Level, which runs about 350 USD per night but with the promotion, we are getting a swanky room for a pretty normal US hotel price.

We could have stayed in a lesser room, but we deserve this, dammit.

From what I've researched, the hotels on the rest of our journey will be just as nice. Hopefully not as pricey. But just as nice.

Another step completed!


Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates. I am so exciting for you guys!


tubelessstl said...

maybe when I get back from Colorado with our baby (yes!!! email me) we can get together after you get back from Hong Kong Phooey for a play date!