Sunday, June 3, 2007

Yes, but is LISTerine on your LIST?

Behold! Bubblegum pink suitcases. Cat who appears to be possessed by aliens not included.

Is my husband man enough to trot hot pink suitcases around the airport?


You guys! Packing for this trip is HARD. Like, totally hard and stuff. Like, ya know?

See! The stress is getting to me. I'm a walking freak show! Me and my lists. Lists lists lists. Everywhere a list.

Even my suitcases have lists. So I don't go, "Did I remember to pack my....?" And I can go to the lists and see that yes, I did remember. Or -oh crap, gotta run to the drugstore yet again.

I'm packing for 11 people I haven't met. See, it's customary to bring gifts for those involved in your adoption process. The nannies, the orphanage director, your guide, the notary, etc. Plus gifts for the friends I've been talking to online.

Combine that with the luggage/weight restrictions for in-China travel and yeah, no wonder my lists have lists. We're at our bag maximum and I'm afraid over the weight maximum. Awww, how sad. Even my bags are overweight.

This is why you start packing weeks in advance. So you can weight the bags and pack and repack again.

Here's how it's going.

My carry on and Husband's carry on- medicines, OTC medicine and toiletries to freshen up mid flight, clothing in case our bags get lost, paperwork for adoption.

2 packpacks (1 will act as diaper bag.) His will have laptop/electronics. Mine will be packed as a diaper bag already with room left over for snacks for us and entertainment items.

I am not bringing a purse. I am a backpack diaper bag kinda gal and I'm going to buy oodles of purses in China.

Large bag- Baby's clothing, our clothing, gifts, gift bags

Smaller bag- toiletries and baby items.

Now I know why people only bring 3 outfits and make use of the laundry services at the hotels. There's no room for more outfits.

So that's what I tried to do today. Phase 1 of packing has started.

I didn't mention that we had our visit with the DR on Friday. Our doctor is a hottie in disguise. He is probably 30 and goes out of his way to play down his looks to make himself appear older. It's scary that our doctors are now younger than us.

Doc prescribed the meds we will be taking to China. Antibiotics, sleep aids, and scabies cream. Oh my! Yeah, he gave us the scabies talk and I swear I itched for hours afterwards. Our total price for all medications was only 50 bucks. How funny that I cheer over something "only" being 50 bucks!

Medicines- done!

There's still a million little things to take care of. Ooh but I have lists for everything! Buy travel insurance. Notify credit card companies.. blah blah the boring stuff.

Next weekend we meet with the wonderful family who will inherit our house and children should we DIE on this trip. AHHHH oh THAT'S a post for another time. My death fears. So funny because we're doing all we can to prepare for the worst on this trip and yet you're more at risk just running errands each day. These plans should have been in place a looong time ago. Eh, at least it's finally getting done.

THe weekend after that husband's mother comes to town for a visit. We will have the family birthday celebration for husband then. Gotta get a cake... oooh something to add to my list!

And now you see why I'm so frantic???

This stage is so overwhelming. And it happens while life is still going on around you. You still have to work, you still have to take care of the kids/pets/yourself/family/the house. You wish you could just pause everyone and everything for a second while you complete your tasks.

Maybe it happens this way for a reason. It keeps you so frantic and crazy so you don't have time to get emotional over missing your child. Oh, I get that too. But I just know she's being taken care of right now and we're coming soon. Nothing I can do but prepare to get her.

This blog is good for me. I can get all this out and clear my mind and go surf True Mom Confessions or something.


Pat said...

Before you take something to that country make sure the electronics are not proscribed items for export to that destination. Contact me if you have questions.

Jenny said...

I assume you have kitty care on your planning list too? Just making sure. :)

I am a list maniac when I need to get a lot of stuff done. I can only imagine how huge the lists get for travel abroad + adoption.

Good luck with it. I'm staying out of your way until you're back and settled in - and then I'll come take family pictures for your scrapbook when you're ready for them. :)