Tuesday, May 22, 2007

With Friends Like Me, Who Needs Aspirin?

I am the master of all things internet. Seriously, have you ever known anyone who has made the internet work more to her advantage? Ok, maybe I'm one-upped by the Dot Com Zillionaires. And that's only because I wasn't keyed into this magical internet thing at the time. Trust me, if I had known, I would be writing this from my beach house right now.

The internet has given me:
A husband
My career
All of my friends
The fame that exists in my head.


When we decided to adopt from China, I made the internet work for me yet again. I found people in China willing to be my friend. Willing to talk to me all these years and then meet with us when we get there. Is my co-dependence showing yet again?

It wasn't hard. I'm just that charming. wink wink

Actually, I befriended young people- college to post college aged kids who speak fluent English and are fascinated with all things American. We've been doing a cultural exchange for the past few years. I've learned volumes about my daughter's county while helping these kids with their English by teaching them things like, "Bling." "Off the hook." "Dude, that RULES." And other things I cannot say in this PG rated blog.

Ohhh yeah, I'm improving America/Chinese relations. One obscene slang word at a time.

These kids have become like family. We follow each other's lives very closely and don't go but a few days without chatting.

I'm really hoping to have a longer stay in Gz, as that is where these kids are located. They have all kinds of plans for us on our free days, IF we have time. And I'm hoping we have time. If not, we will have to make the time. We cannot pass up the chance to see their China.

Besides, I need to learn some key words in Mandarin. Words we can say in front of the kids without them knowing the meaning, ifyouknowwhatImean. And I think you do.

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