Tuesday, May 22, 2007

So Clean, You Could Eat Off My Carpets. But Please Don't. You Might Spill Something

This weekend, I was in the mood.

And I haven't been in the mood in a looooong time.

I sashayed up to the husband, leaned in real close and whispered, "Honey....your in charge. Mamas got the urge."

And that's when I...




Ooooh baby. Yeah baby! How good did THAT feel?

If I smoked, I would be lighting up right now.

I don't know what it is about me and clean carpeting. I have a rule in my house. No shoes on the carpet! Did you know 80 percent of all dirt in the home comes in on your shoes? Do you know what I stepped in today in the Toys R Us bathroom? I don't either. And I'll be damned if that stuff is coming into MY HOUSE. Shoes stay by the door. Where they belong.

I shudder to even admit this, but the last time I cleaned the carpets was when my three year old started crawling. She was five months old when she crawled. That tells you how loooooong ago I last cleaned the carpets. One day she just flipped onto her belly and she was off and zooming all over the house. I had my husband grab her while I whipped out the carpet steamer and went to town. My baby was not going to crawl on dirty carpets.

Then life happened. And I just didn't have the time or energy to clean them again. Grossss grossss grosssss, I know. I think I did a spot cleaning before our social worker came for her home visit. I don't recall. You know, it's been two years and all.

But this weekend, ahhhhh this weekend. My husband entertained the 3 year old while I was lost in carpet cleaning bliss. When the carpets dried, I rolled around on them like when a wet dog rolls around in the grass.

I know. I'm a big big freak.

But I'm a big big freak with sparkling clean carpeting.

Just one more task to help pass the time until we travel.

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