Thursday, May 31, 2007

T and A baby!

I'm not a stay at home mom. I'm a Go Out Every Day Mom. If I stay home too long, I go mental. I've been hesitant to go out in the mornings lately because we always get China updates in the morning. But I'm a Go Out Every Day In The Mornings kinda mom. I didn't think we'd hear anything today, so we headed out for another crazy morning on the town.

Today was Bounce U. It's a warehouse filled with items like the bouncie castles you see at fairs and kid's parties. Our location has a preschool bounce just for little kids. She can bounce away with little people her own size. Less chance of getting hurt.

We were supposed to meet friends but no one showed up. She was sitting in the corner of this bouncie house all bummed out when the cutie pie teenage boy working the room noticed her. He jumped right in and spent the entire time being her "date." He made sure she bounced and threw balls at him and chased him all around the room.

Since teens were in charge of the room, the music was blasting. At one point it was blasting a Blink 182 song. Suddenly all the kids stopped what they were doing and started bouncing all together in time to the music. Bouncing with heads bobbing back and forth, rocker style. Classic!

I usually race to check the computer before I make lunch. Today I blew it off, thinking no news was coming in, why bother? After getting everyone settled, I finally came into the room and saw I had an email on the "other" account from my fabu pal Katie, informing me that TAs were here.

I think it's cool I found out first from Katie. Of course I immediately checked my separate account to learn that yes, Travel Approval arrived. Now we just have to wait for word on that final Consulate Appointment. That is the last appointment we need in China. Once it's confirmed, we can book travel. But we can't book travel without knowing what date we're coming home.

The agency thinks we might even come home as early as July 4th. A bit bummed on that, actually. I wanted to spend our anniversary in China, not on that horrid 30 hour commute back home.

Whatever. We'll make it work.

Since we might be coming home earlier than expected, maybe I can convince my husband to leave a day earlier than expected. Hong Kong Disney here we come!

Leave it to me to have my first Disneyland experience half way around the world.

Wow. I'm someone who can say she has her T/A.

If my husband tells the guys at work he has T/A, they will cheer. But for a totally different reason. Heh.


M Morris said...


We went to Disney HK as well and it was wonderful!!! Have a good trip!


Funny In China said...

THank you! I cannot wait. I really think we need to make the effort to go there.

Alyson & Ford said...

Congratulations!! We are so excited for you.

LID 01/27/06

Jenny said...

So happy for you!! I keep reading every day just to see what you'll say - this is exciting. :D

Katie said...

Don't forget Victoria Peak! So awesome. And if you buy a ticket for Madame Toussauds (spelling?) you don't have to wait in the long line for the tram. They just let you cut right to the front of the line. It was not expensive at all and kind of fun. But the peak is phenominal. Also - you can easily go to the outer islands and one of them has the largest Budda statue in the world. Pretty cool. Oh yes - the Temple street night market is a must. We did not make it but my brother and SIL did and they thought it was pretty cool.

Katie said...

YES and DON't forget - only take a yellow cab. No vans. THe yellow cabs are cheap and "safe". The vans are ridiculously expensive. I think they just charge whatever they feel like charging. Apparently we looked like suckers.

Funny In China said...

Thank you!! I love the comments and appreciate you all taking the time to leave them. WOO!!