Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hair today, gone tomorrow? No, gone in 22 days. But with great hair!

I'm postin every day until we leave, people! Every day! Even if I have nothing to say!

Gee, won't that be a thrilling read.

Today I will post about my hair. I know, you're reaching for that back button, aren't you?

Ahhh my hair. The love/hate relationship that is my hair and I. It's thin. The only thing on me that's thin. And there's a lot of it. Which sums me up perfectly. There's a lot of me. And every inch is perfection. Heh.

It's kinda wavy but kinda flat. How is that possible? And what's even stranger is that I married a man with the exact same kind of hair of the exact same hair color. Guess what kind of hair we gave our offspring? PERFECT HAIR! Oh thank you thank you thank you for genetics gone right.

My kiddo has long wavy curls. They are soft, they are loose, and when it's humid, they become slightly softer and slightly rounder. No frizz. Sometimes I stare at her hair and get all ga ga because I'm so proud I finally got the hair thing right. First time in my life and I can claim I made the perfect hairstyle!

Me? I'm trying to go from super short to a short bob. One side has grown out completely and lays perfectly in a swing bob. The other side is made up of layers desperately trying to grow out and juts out this way and that. Oh, and I'm trying to grow out my bangs to complete the sexy swingy bob look. They are at the point where they're always in my eyes. Driving me nuts. This is why I always take the scissors and chop them off. This time, I'm NOT doing it! I'm growing them out, dammit!! I might have to call you and ask for you to come over and make me sit on my hands while you hide the scissors. But I'm doing it!

So last night I headed to the SA-lon. I see a stylist who has the perfect swingy bob and always tell her, "Make me look like you." She tells me that will take several million dollars and a miracle. HAH. No, she tells me it will take time, but we'll get there. Back to the patience thing, again. Not really good at the patience thing.

Of course I walk in showing off my baby's pictures and gabbing about how we leave for China in 22 days. 22 days! And she's excited and passing around the baby's pic. Which is just so fun. If you are someone waiting to get to this stage, YES, showing off the baby's pic is your right after this long wait. Show it to everyone! You've earned it!

Then she tells me that she was styling someone and my name came up. Real name, not the nickname I use on "the other blog." She couldn't remember the person. It was a positive conversation, shew! You just never know. You either love me or think I'm annoying and try too hard. Oooh I hate that. "She tries too hard." Always said by people who don't try hard enough. They wish they had my energy and amazingly quick wit. Eh, or maybe they just think I'm annoying. What-EVAH! I like me. It's taken me 36 years to get to this point. But I like me, I really really like me. Someone slap me.

And in a year from now, when my hair is grown out to one length bob swingy perfection, I'll probably even like my hair. But for now, I'll settle for being the most dynamic, most talked about person in the city. Woooo! A blog post every day? She's gotta find something to say. Even if it's made up stories from fantasy land.

Haircut- check!
Dr Appointment for meds- tomorrow
Weekend- PACK.
Next week- book travel once we get the OK.

Slowly, slowly, slowly. We're getting somewhere.

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