Friday, June 1, 2007

Our itinerary!! Word to your mother. I'm the mother, word to me!

If I could be one of the emoticons on Rumor Queen right now, I'd be the rocker guy who has his fist of rock up in the air doing the head banging move.

I am so very proud to bring you----

Wait for it-----

Wait for it!!!


Thursday June 21
Fly from our city to Chicago at 7 freakin AM. Ouch. Who is going to take us to the airport at that hour? No one. Will have to get a cab.
Fly from Chicago to Hong Kong. 15 hour flight. I'm either thrilled I will have 15 hours to do nothing whatsoever or freaked out that I have 15 hours to do nothing whatsoever.

Arrive in Hong Kong at 345pm the next day. Go to hotel. SLEEP!!!

Saturday June 23rd
Tour Hong Kong with our friends who live there. Go back to hotel. SLEEP. Look how much I am looking forward to sleeping. All caps. I REALLY like to sleep. I've got drugs for that. No kids? I can take drugs to help me sleep. I will sleep!

Sunday June 24th
Fly from Hong Kong to Nanchang, our child's province. Check into the hotel. Not sure which one yet, I'll update this when I know. Hang out. Swim. SLEEP.

Monday June 25th
I'm a Gotcha Day sayer. So it will be known by us as Gotcha Day. Metcha sounds too much like the last name of someone I used to know and didn't like. Family day? Everyday is family day in this house. Gotcha it is!

Not sure on times or location- will update that later.

**** I have just learned that Sunday might be Gotcha Day! Again, I'll update when I know more.*****************

Tuesday June 26th
Baby day. All baby, all day. We'll probably just sit and stare at her all day long. YES!!

Weds June 27th
Still in Nanchang. Baby is tired of us staring at her all day. We'll be out on the town.

Thursday June 28th
Still in Nanchang. Will be antsy at this point. Hopefully healthy. Hopefully not puking or sneezing or scabie-ing.

Friday June 29th
Fly to Guangzhou. Check into White Swan or The Westin. Not sure yet. We'll know soon. Both give us the Asian Barbie and both have play rooms. I'm ok with either.

Saturday June 30th
Happy 38th Birthday to my husband!! Let's celebrate by freaking out our daughter at the medical exam.

Sunday July 1
SHOPPING. All. Day. Long. W00t!

Monday July 2nd
ACS appointment. Not sure what this means except it involves paperwork, I'm sure.

Tuesday July 3rd
Go back to ACS and take our oath and get visa for baby around 6pm.

Weds July 4th
HAPPY 9 YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY TO US! Let's celebrate by taking a baby on a 15 hour plane ride. Fly from GZ to Hong Kong. Hong Kong to Chicago. Chicago home. Arrive in city around 6pm the evening of July 4th. Hope like hell the H family will pick us up in their mini van and take us home.

I'll plug in hotels and more specifics once we learn them.

Look look! An itinerary! For us! It's finally US. We're finally going!!!!!!!! It's so real now.

Are we there yet? Almost!


Katie said...

yes! I am going to need your flight info or even just arrival time in St. Louis is fine.

Paper Whore said...

That's awesome! ONLY 20 DAYS!!!

Anonymous said...

FUN FUN FUN. I am so happy for you. It's so soon. I bet you are just counting down the minutes.

tubelessstl said...

The countdown is getting smaller and smaller. Oh So fun. I love your updates.

Jenny said...

*still cheering*