Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Referral Day!

She is six months old.
She is beautiful.

Our daughter.

Our journey to her began on May 1st, 2005. We got her picture on May 1st, 2007.

Referral day was something else, let me tell you.

I had taken Miss Boo, our three year old, to a music class at a local children's museum. Mom was watching the baby at home. We pulled into the parking lot and I noticed a ladybug on the windshield. I laughed to myself, because ladybug sightings mean a referral is right around the corner.

I laughed because we had just sent our letter to China, asking to be taken off a six month maternity hold. It arrived only the week before in China. Our agency speculated that we'd get a referral about July or August. Since it was only May, I knew that ladybug sighting was for someone else.

We went to class, had a great time. My friend and her daughter was there. I asked if they wanted to hang out in the gardens of the museum after class. They were game, so we headed outside and let the girls run wild.

My purse began to ring. I never use my cell phone. I'm one of those rare creatures, I know. I find the whole thing annoying. It's a leash. Only to be used for emergencies, blah blah.

I instantly thought something was wrong with the baby at home. I grabbed the phone and was shocked to hear our social worker on the line.

"Are you sitting down," she asked.

I immediately stood up.

I knew.

"I'm looking at a picture of your GORGEOUS daughter! I know, I know, we thought it was going to be at least July. We're all shocked here! Oh, she is beautiful!"

I told her to hold on while I screamed.

And I did. And danced. And my friend thought I had landed another national commercial. (I'm a voice talent.)

I got more details. She's six months old, from the Jiangxi province, in an orphanage, and very healthy. Very little hair, but a pretty face. Can we be there at 1pm to go over paperwork?

Right then, my three year old ran to me and said, "Mommy! I need to go potty! NOW MOMMY NOW!"

I'm racing her into the museum while FREAKING OUT. I mean, FREAKING OUT. What a shock. What a huge shock. Normally you know a referral is coming. Normally you are all psyched up to get THE CALL. Normally you are not so shocked that you're a mommy again that you cannot even speak. For me, that's pretty shocked.

I'm in the museum bathroom, dialing everyone I know and screaming the news. Matt first. I repeated, "Are you sitting down?" He answered, "Oh dear." I broke the news. He let out a long sigh, collected himself, and said, "Ok, let's go!"

It's been quite the year for us. In January, a baby in the NICU. And now, a surprise referral!

I promised my daughter lunch at Crazy Bowls. Crazy Bowls we went. Her, chatting a mile a minute. Me staring into space and not believing what was happening.

We managed to get home, where I met my husband at the door. Mom watched the girls and we headed to the adoption agency in a fog.

We walked into the agency and down a long hallway where the China team was waiting. I was already in tears. I had waited so long for that moment.

We were handed a red balloon and her picture. I immediately lost it. My daughter! My beautiful baby girl! And yes, she was indeed gorgeous.

The agency snapped numerous pictures, then we discussed all her details. We immediately signed the adoption agreement and were sent on our way. The whole way home, we couldn't believe what was happening to us. FINALLY.

Certainly not the circumstances any of us would have chosen. Ideally, our baby at home would have been older. But China had other plans. And we've learned to trust China. They're usually right.

And that was our referral story. Such an amazing day. Wow, writing this (months later) brings back so many great emotions.

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Dianna said...

I know I'm commenting on a really old post, but EEP! She's adorable! Congrats to you all on the newest member of your family :)