Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Katie Did Adopt From China

I met Katie through our agency's online group. I don't know which one of us made the move for friendship first. Probably me. I'm pretty needy.

We started chatting through emails. Mostly to laugh about some of the silly battles that take place in the IA forums. Posts that serve as a reminder that I'm quite thankful my behind does not accommodate large sticks.

Oh, I wish I could tell you what Katie said in response to.... darn it. I can't even tell you what it was about. Let's just say that Katie won me over for life with that one. There were visual aids to get her point across. She had me doubled over with laughter.

No, no no. We're not meanies. Quite the contrary. We dislike meanies. Make love, not war, maaaan. If I could put on love beads and sway while flashing you the peace sign, I would do it right now. In fact, I think I will. My husband hasn't given me his trademark, "I don't even want to know" look in quite some time.

Katie and I shared the same LID. Then I had a situation that made us put our LID on hold. Katie and I were quite bummed. We would have torn up the town. China being the town and tearing it up being all the crazy fun two over the hill moms can have before our 9pm bedtimes.

Katie received her referral just as I received the news I needed to go daily to the hospital. I needed a ride. Katie was there.

She showed me her referral packet in the parking garage of the hospital. She let me go on and on about my problems the entire drive from my home to there. Not once saying, "Oh by the way, check out my new daughter!" She knew I was a mental goner and gave me the space needed to - space, basically.

Katie and I had this bonding moment way back when we discovered we were both Chinese Baby With Caucasian Mommy stalkers. Spot a CB/CM duo and we'd walk a safe distance behind them, working up the courage to talk to them. Staring, staring, staring, at the beautiful Chinese baby.

Being a CB/CM stalker had its obvious risks. Being a stalker in general has many, many risks, and not something I'd recommend. But when you need a Chinese baby fix, you need a Chinese baby fix. We'd write each other to give updates on our Chinese Baby Spottings. "Chinese baby with white parents, spotted at the Zoo. Were last seen at the elephant exhibit. You're only 20 mins away. 10 if you break the law. You drive, I'll find a reason to distract em and keep em here. GO!"

If you are currently in Waiting Hell Mode, you know what I'm talking about. I know you know what I'm talking about.

Now it's Katie with the Chinese baby. I can go places with her and stare at the baby all I want without the fear of prosecution. Soon I will be the mommy with the Chinese baby in my arms. Will a well meaning mom to be stare at me? Will she watch me from a distance, trying to find the courage to talk to me?

As I write this, I'm about to head out to the museum where I got the unexpected news of our referral. My daughter has another class there today. The entire staff knows our story, it seems. Maybe because I never shut up about it. Today I will show off Juna's pictures. Today I will talk excitedly to my daughter's science teacher about our upcoming trip.

Today I am the mom with the adorable Chinese baby!

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