Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Junk In The Trunk

Visa! It's everywhere you want to be!

And I want to be in China, so today I got my some photos taken for my visa. My travel visa. Oooh it feels soooo good to write that. So good, I'll write it again. Travel visa. Nice.

Interesting how the credit card Visa dropped that slogan. Now it's, "Life takes Visa."

Which is also strangely appropriate for our situation.

In order to take a new life home with us, we have to get a visa. Ahhhh see how I made that work?

These are things I think about, folks. Yet one more reason why I can't sleep at night. This brain? Never stops thinking. Never stops thinking about useless junk.

Speaking of junk...

We're probably staying at the Gloria Plaza Hotel in Nanchang. Here is a link to their restaurant page. I'm reading the part about the seafood restaurant. Go ahead, go read it, too.

Notice how it has the line, " Named after the traditional Chinese junk and replete with decor reminiscent of a fishing village...."

My first thought? "OH NO! Their site has been hacked! Some prankster is calling their food junk!" Then I thought, "Oh wait. No, that can't be. Something was lost in translation."

And here's me, showing my husband and explaining my theories. My husband, who's has a brilliant mind for knowing a little something about everything. His reply?

"Honey, a junk is a Chinese fishing boat...."

"Oh.... OH! OH ok. Well that makes a lot more sense! Derrrrrrrrrrr!"

Why does this man stay married to me? It's not like I'm a fluffy blonde with ample assets that can rely on her looks and not her smarts.

Eh, whatever. What I lack in looks, I make up for in laughs.

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