Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The wheels on the bus are flat

Still looking for the Nixon Birthday Party video from my show on You Tube? Go here!

And now, for some home videos.

Juna is 16 months old and still not saying too much. I thought it was due to her only hearing Mandarin for the first 8 months of her life. But when I caught up with the families in our adoption travel group, all with babies around the same age, I learned some are talking, but slow with walking. Some are walking, but slow with talking. Proving once again, there are no absolutes in this parenting game.

Ok there is one absolute. The cuteness. As you will observe in the video below. Juna loooves music. I've been singing Wheels On The Bus to her. She tries to "sing" along and the best part is at the end of each verse. She brings it home with this long, flat, loud note. It's hilarious. She isn't really doing it here, because she kept getting distracted by giving me kisses. Awww. But you'll get the idea.

This also debunks the myth that just because you have a nice speaking voice, you also have a nice singing voice. I'll never be hired to sing a commercial jingle, that's for sure. :40 video.

And because we cannot leave out Avie, here's a 1 minute video showing what the babies typically do with their latest obsession. Crayons.


Louanne said...

TOTAL cuteness!!!!

Ashley said...

oh my, those two are so darn adorable!! How do you get anything done? I would want to play all day long!

Andria and Co. said...

they are absolutely adorable!

bb said...

Doubly delicious! Yummy, blue crayons. Can I have a bite?!