Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Say my name, say my name

Miss Shake Your Wedgie, Shake Your Wedgie, Yeah Yeah and I were playing Barbies in her room today. Miss Thang has about eight of them now and only a few dresses that are leftover from the Barbie days of my youth. Poor ladies, decked out head to toe in orange polyester. It's quite something to see sweet Belle and Ariel shoved into a 70's Bob Mackie one shoulder tube dress. I'm afraid to purchase Barbie clothing for fear I just won't stop. Just like I did with purchasing those damn Barbies. A four year old doesn't need A Barbie let alone eight. I have a weakness for All Things Girlie. Good thing I have three girls.

Boo was covering Mulan Warrior in rubber bands. Mulan Warrior as opposed to Mulan Princess, there is a big difference, "Get it right, please." She was completely into her task and when she asked for another rubber band, she called me Hannah.

"Can you hand me another rubber band, Hannah?"

"Hannah!" I laughed. I'm not Hannah!"

She sighed. "Hannah. Mommy. Whatever you name is. Geez louise!"


sleeplesswonder said...

That is so cute Hannah, lol. Does she have any friends named Hannah?
I think it is a good thing I have a boy, or I would go overboard buying barbies too. I loved them as a kid and I still love them now *bows head in shame* I wish I had a little girl at times, but I don't think our budget would handle it lol.

Ashley said...

reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. Your kiddos are too cute!
high 5 on the gig!