Friday, January 25, 2008

The best play date

There's a rec center here in town that opens up two adjoining conference rooms, scatters toys everywhere, and has an open gym type play party. They do this every few weeks. Bring your young children and let them run wild.

I used to take Miss Boo. She'd play with her friends while I sat with mine and answered the dreaded question, "When are you guys going to China?"

It went like this: Yeah, China. Sigh... I don't know when we will go. The China program has slowed down.I don't know why the program has slowed down. I don't know if we will ever see our daughter's face. I. Just. Don't. Know. Soooo how are YOU?

And then I'd spend the rest of the play date obsessing over China and being totally bummed out.

Today I celebrated a little victory. I took both of my babies to that open gym play date for the very first time.

I don't have to tell you how good that felt.

Any parent who waited way too long to get a child into their life can completely relate to the significance of that moment. To anyone else entering that room, it was just a play date. To me, it was a reason to raise my fist in the air and give a little wooo hooo!

What's really interesting is that I was watching this mom and her little girl and thought how much they looked alike. You know me, I talk to everyone. Soon we were talking and she said her daughter was from Russia. Another mom joined and said her son was from Vietnam. Maybe ten moms total in that room and three with internationally adopted children.

It made the moment even sweeter.


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gnomic said...

still waiting on word from China. Its been 22 monts and we have 28 weeks to be processed in front of us. They are managing about one week a month.


but very happy for you.