Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I will now answer a question received via email:

So, Mae, when we will see the next episode of your show?
My little internet show that could? "I think I can be more than just an internet show that no one watches. I think can be more than just an internet show that no one watches."

I have learned a few of you readers informed TV executive types about my online presence and what I am attempting to create with my show. That was very nice of you. You think highly of me. I am both baffled and flattered. But thank you. Really, very cool of you.

The most interesting response came from an executive who said they weren't interested in doing a reality show about a stay at home mom.

The person who told the executive about me said nothing about a reality show.

It appears Mr. TV Executive did not have his listening ears on.

A reality show? Oh lordy. Here's what a reality show about our lives would look like.

That clip was 10 seconds too long.

To answer the question of when the next show episode will appear? Hmm... I don't have an answer, actually. Sometime in January. I'll let you when to check the show blog or You Tube.

Have a good weekend!


Rus said...

That takes skill to maneuver around 3 active kids while vacuuming and not hit anyone of them or did he?!

Mutha said...

Nope, the Stinkies and Boo remain vacuum injury free. Matt's THAT good.

tut-tut said...

But they so want to help! How cute! Blogger didn't let me know you updated until today! what's happening with blogger, these days, anyway?