Thursday, November 1, 2007

Video- The Babies

Huge hits today from the China adoption crowd, courtesy of Rumor Queen. I'd like to say HELLO and welcome to my blog! The Halloween costume pic is in the next post. Just for you, I'm posting this quick video of the babies taken yesterday, before the costumes. If you were anything like me during the wait, this kind of thing made you hang in there just a little bit harder.

I know, I know. Juna's mommy dresses her funny. I've got to get outfits better suited to her. Those were Miss Boo's and work fine on Avie. Juna needs more tailored baby clothes.

Just a few seconds of cuteness. Enjoy.

WOW, it's so freaky to have more than 8 readers today!!


Laura said...

Juna bouncing up and down is beyond cute. Avie and Juna together on the same chair causes me to need to check my blood sugar levels!!

Mutha said...

You should have seen them this morning. Juna had hit Avie in the head. I told her no. She leaned over and hugged Avie and rubbed her head against Avie's head. They stayed that way a good two minutes, just comforting one another. That's pretty rare. Usually they are fighting over a toy. I expect that shall continue for a long time!

ashley said...

love your blog! Your children are adorable. I'm one of the many waiting moms for China. Thanks for helps!
:) Ashley, mamma to twin boys - I understand the sweet maddness of it all!