Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Vacuum Isn't Good Enough

Matt and I were feeding the babies in one room. 3 year old Boo was watching The Goodnight Show on PBS Kids Sprout in another room.

She came into our room, softly approached her daddy, and whispered, "Daddy. Our vacuum isn't good enough."

"Huh?" Matt asked. "What are you talking about?"

Boo spoke louder. "Daddy, our vacuum isn't good enough. We need a Swivel Sweeper. It gets under the furniture and picks up cat hair."

And with that, Boo ran off to the other room.

Matt turned to me, "No more channels that show commercials. She gets a DVD at night from now on."

I put my baby to bed and wandered into the TV room. I re-wound the programming, courtesy of Tivo. There it was. A Swivel Sweeper mini infomerical, airing between Thomas and Jakers.

"Mommy! It's the Swivel Sweeper commercial! Let's watch it together!" Boo crawled onto the couch next to me. "See! Regular vacuums come unplugged from the wall. The Swivel Sweeper runs on batteries. It doesn't have wheels. It goes under the furniture. See! It picks up cat hair. Look at those kids. They can use the Swivel Sweeper! Can we get a Swivel Sweeper? Please, Mommy, please? I'm going to go ask Daddy."

Boo hopped off the couch to go ask Daddy. She came back into the room looking dejected. "Daddy said no. Hey! Can we watch that it again? I love that Swivel Sweeper commercial!"

I knew Miss Boo would one day be swayed by TV commercials. I had no idea the first experience would be for a battery operated vacuum.


gnomic said...

Well, that really sucks!

Karaoke Diva said...

Gavin is doing the same thing. He watched Noggin forever and now he's interested in shows on Disney, but Disney has commercials galore. Even though he has his own real computer, he's now decided that he must have a Click Start Learning System. And some Moon Sand. And some Go-gurt.

Stupid Disney and their stupid commercials.

Arlene said...

FYI I have one of those sweepers, and they suck. It's all boo's if she wants it. LOL

Dianna said...

I just saw an informercial for one of those! How funny! I'd be buying one too - if Arlene hadn't said it was bad hehe :P

tubelessstl said...

ditto what arlene said. i returned mine after 2 uses. good luck with keeping her from more infomercials

Kitty said...

It must be a phase that this age group goes through! Grace has become obsessed by commercials, and for a while now she's been asking me if Santa will bring her one of those vacuum storage thingies. I bet she'd even remember the name of it if I woke her up right now.

AND she's branching out from her Mulan obsession. Though she did see my traditional Kanji and dragon tattoos last night when I was changing, and told me she thought I must be the coolest Mom ever to have Mushu and 'Mulan-writing' on my back. What can I say? She's easily impressed.

I wish we lived closer.

Steph said...

Liv wants infomercial stuff too! Now its the "Moon Sand" and "Aqua Dots" but she's wanted appliances and cleaning stuff before. Isnt childhood grand?

Kevin said...

The worst was when Gavin wanted "Hooked on Phonics" because it was on TV. I told him he didn't need that because he could already read, he said he didn't know how to read anymore and would pick up a book and make baby noises.

Took about a week to get that stuff out of his head and back to reading again.

So when are you getting your new vacuum?

Katie said...

My first thought was at least it wasn't an ad for Summer's Eve. I can only imagine Matt's response to Miss Boo asking for that.

Holly said...

LOL!!! It's usually toy commercials that they start on. Well, maybe she'll be a neat freak!!

Anonymous said...

Just wait till you have three TEENAGERS! Heh.